Office Space for Lease in Kansas City: 4 Considerations for Small Business Owners

Office Space for Lease in Kansas City: 4 Considerations for Small Business Owners

There are a lot of angles to consider when renting office space for lease in Olathe, KS, and the first step in the process is knowing your own business and what risks you can afford to to take when finding your first real office space. Here are a few general tips for renting office space, as well as a few risks your business should consider taking for bigger payoff in the long run, as suggested in the article “5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Know About Real Estate”:

#1 Lease Length

Conventional wisdom says that small businesses should look for short term leases – one to two years – with option to renew, but young businesses can save quite a bit of money in the long run by signing a longer lease – for example, six years. If you’re bold enough to pursue this path, you have the benefit of a predictable major overhead cost for the foreseeable future, which can really help stabilize your finances. If you are not sure you can afford to take that risk, talk to your landlord about putting the option to sublease into your lease. Landlord’s might be more willing to allow you to have this option if you agree to sign a longer lease.

#2 Street Side

It is worth taking the time to figure out which side of the street will generate more foot traffic. Main streets in the U.S. typically have one side that has roughly twice as much foot traffic as the other, so stand outside a any properties you are considering and count passersby to figure out whether a place is on the heavier foot traffic side. Finding the right side of the street translates to greater exposure and thus much more potential customers for your business.

#3 Windows

It seems like such a small detail, but study after study shows that natural sunlight makes people happier and more productive. If you are torn between two different spaces, count the windows and go with the one that has more sunlight – your employees will be grateful and the productivity levels might be better in the long run.

#4 Incentive to Grow

Always be thinking about the growth of your business when you are looking for commercial office space for rent in Overland Park, KS. One safe way to give yourself room to grow is to check and see if there are options to expand into other spaces in the property. A riskier move is to challenge yourself to grow your business by renting more space than you need. With extra space to make useful, you will feel the pressure to fill desks and keep your business on a growth trajectory – especially since one of the major hinderances to growth for a lot of small businesses is simply not enough room to expand.

Choosing an office space for lease in Kansas City for the first time has an inherent level of risk for a small business, but it can also be the best way for a small and growing business to get the boost it needs into a more professional, competitive sphere. Consider both the little details that go into a great space, as well as the risks that you can take for greater reward down the road.

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