Office Space for Rent in Kansas City

Here are a few basic questions to consider if you are thinking about relocating your business to some office space for rent in Kansas City:

Why look?  Sometimes an important factor in choosing to find a new office space is location.  Unless you are running your small business from home, evaluating the location of your business, analyzing your current lease, or even thinking about buying real estate are all things you might want to want to consider as you try to forge the best possible future for your business.

Why rent? A lot of small businesses looking to relocate steer clear of buying because purchasing real estate  requires a large cash outlay (usually about 15-25% of the purchase price).  A lot of business owners would prefer to put that amount of money into their actual business rather than the space they occupy.

Where to start?  Researching rental costs to get an idea of the average cost per-square-foot in the area you want is a good first step in the process.  There are several other factors to consider, including types of rent, the growth of your business, common area maintenance, etc.  Finding a lawyer to help negotiate might be another helpful step.

When to commit? A good bottom line to remember is that if the terms of the lease dictated by the landlord do not make it possible to run your business profitably, then it is time to renegotiate, find a new location, or even consider whether finding a new space is right for your business at the time.

This is just a brief overview of basic questions associated with relocating your business; the steps in finding Overland Park office space for lease are more involved than just this, but an overview can be a helpful tool as you consider your options.

Give one of our real estate agents at Southcreek Office Park a call at 913-685-4100 if you are looking to relocate and want to find out more about our available executive suites in Overland Park!


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