Office Space For Rent In Overland Park Tips: 5 Ways to Personalize a Cubicle

Office Space For Rent In Overland Park Tips:  5 Ways to Personalize a Cubicle

Cubicles are designed to be simple and uniform spaces, but there are still ways to make them feel more personal and more conducive to productivity. Decorators recommend that when giving your cubicle a makeover, you should focus on both personal touches and efficiency improvements, as adding decorations to clutter will not do much to make your workday easier or more productive. Here are a few tips to consider for brightening up the cubicles in your office park in Kansas, as suggested in the article “Extreme Makeover, Cubicle Edition: 10 Ways to Add Comfort & Excitement”:

#1 Get Organized

The first step towards a better cubicle is clearing out what you don’t need. Go through the old paperwork, pens that have stopped functioning, and excessive knickknacks to find what you actually use. Be bold and take home or throw away the rest!

Another great way to get organized and create some more space for yourself is by putting in shelves, either on your desk or attached to the wall above your desk. This will give you more space for easy storage and free up a little more room for personal touches.

#2 Find Fun and Functional Supplies

Finding desk supplies and accessories is a step where you really can combine your functional and personal goals. Stock up on items that will keep you productive and organized, like staplers, trays, paper clips, pencil cups and writing tools—but buy ones that you think look nice. Find a pink stapler or bring in a favorite mug to use as a pencil cup.

#3 Brighten Up the Space

There are a lot of easy and inexpensive ways to make a cubicle brighter and more cheerful. One way is to find a color scheme for the space—for example, one or two of your favorite colors and maybe an accent color. Finding a color scheme and sticking to it will give the space a more organized and designed look, which will hopefully make you feel more organized and on top of things! You can really take your color design to the next level by adding wallpaper or fabric to your cubicle walls. Covering the gray walls from top to bottom can really help transform a space into something more homey.

Another way to make a space both brighter and more functional is to add a lamp to your desk. A lot of offices have florescent overhead lighting, which can feel cold and sterile, but a lamp can make a cubicle space feel a little more warm and cozy.

#4 Pick Out Some Plants

Plants are a great way to add a little life to a space, and they are proven mood boosters. If you feel like you are not good at maintaining plants, try a cactus or a similar plant that requires little care, or even go for an artificial plant just to add a touch of green.

#5 Add the Personal Touches

Once you are organized and have all of the functional and colorful supplies necessary to stay organized, it’s time to add a few personal touches to a space, like pictures or posters. T-Pins are a great tool for hanging anything from framed pictures, to clocks, to posters. The key to these touches is to find a few items that you really enjoy looking at, while not going overboard and becoming the cubicle that is wildly kitsch.

Cubicles are a great way to organize open office space and really maximize the number of workers who can comfortably fit in a Kansas office space for rent. While cubicles have the benefits of being both private and collaborative spaces, they can a also feel a bit dull and impersonal, so encouraging employees to decorate their cubicle spaces can be a great way to boost morale and hopefully productivity as well!

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