How to Find and Design an Office Space for Lease in Overland Park, KS, With Your Employees in Mind

Relocating to a new office space for lease in Overland Park, KS, can be a big commitment for employees, so as you are looking for and designing an office space, you want to do as much as you can to get their buy-in. Here are a few tips for keeping your employees in mind during this process, as suggested in the articles “Finding an Office Space Both You and Your Employees Love” and “6 Inexpensive Ways to Help Employees Escape the Cubicle Crush”:

#1 Ask for employees’ help with research on commercial property for lease in Overland Park, KS.

The best way to start the transition to a new office space strong is by showing employees that you value their opinions. You can do this by seeking their help with researching the new space. Put out some questionnaires to find out or about their preferences. Do they prefer to work standing or sitting? Do they like collaborative spaces or individual spaces? What time of day are they most productive? What locations would be ideal for them? Gathering and analyzing this data can help you determine what kind office space you’re looking for.

#2 Involve them in design and decoration of the office space for rent in Kansas City.

Once you have found a space, build excitement by involving them in the process of designing and decorating the space. One idea is to give each employee a $100 gift card to IKEA to buy office furniture. This might not buy a lot of furniture, but it will send the message that you trust your employees and want them to have some control over their new space.

Take this a step further by encouraging your staff to customize their own desk spaces. Many people view their desk as their “home away from home” or the place they are most comfortable in at the office, so make it a priority to help your employees create that sense of home in their new space. Some successful companies, like Google, even give employees a small allowance for desk decoration.

You can also work together to personalize the new office and sneak in some team-building time by picking a blank wall for everyone to collaborate on decorating. Get some paint and other supplies and make a fun day of it.

#3 Designate spaces for collaboration and individual work.

As you are setting up your office space, also think about ways you can improve the long-term comfort and productivity of your employees. People have different styles of working, so many companies are shifting towards diversifying spaces to accommodate those different styles, and you can use the feedback you got from your employees while researching new spaces to help you decide on the best setup.

One area you should have is a deliberate space for sharing and collaborating. This could be a large conference room, or even a cluster of tables in the middle of an open space. It is also nice to have spaces for “accidental” collaboration, where employees can bump into each other and strike up conversations that could lead to creative teamwork. Some examples of this are communal kitchens or break areas with some comfortable seating.

People also need space for individual work, so try to designate some private spaces, even if you can’t give everyone their own office. Think about setting aside a few offices in your new space to be places where a team member can go to work on a specific project for a few hours or few days, or just to escape to a quiet part of the office.

#4 Consider the cubicles.

Again, you might not be able to upgrade to private offices for everybody, but a fresh start in a new space is a good way to reset your cubicle culture. One of the biggest complaints of employees working in cubicles is noise, so you could start implementing a few strategies to make this a little better in your new space:

  • have employees silence ringers
  • encourage them to keep phone conversations quiet and minimal
  • buy a white noise machine for “background noise”
  • allow the use of noise-canceling headphones

You can also give employees some freedom to escape cubicles by giving them flex time or allowing them to work from other places, such as a nearby coffee shop or library – proximity to these kinds of places could be criteria to include as you are looking for a new office space.

#5 Give them move in time.

When the time comes to move, give your employees a day just to get settled – assemble furniture, unpack, figure out computers, etc. This will help make the transition less stressful and more enjoyable for employees, and they will come in for their first day of real work in the new space feeling fresher and more comfortable.

#6 Open the door for communication.

From asking about employees’ preferences before finding a space to getting their help with decorating, keep the door open for questions and communication throughout the process. One thing you could do is to put up a whiteboard or chalk board and write a question on it each day for employees to answer. Asking good questions will elicit responses that will help you understand your team better and help everyone find common ground and build relationships during a new chapter of your business’s life.

Good people are the cornerstone of a good business, so it’s essential to not lose sight of your employees’ preferences and concerns as you move to a new space.

If your business is interested in commercial real estate in Overland Park with a helpful on-site management team and close proximity to a variety of amenities in Overland Park, give Southcreek Office Park a call at 913-685-4100 to find out more about our available spaces!


4 Financial Terms You Need to Know When Leasing Kansas Office Space for Rent

Rent is not the only expense you have to plan for when signing a lease for commercial property in Overland Park, KS. There are a lot of different hidden costs and fees associated with a space, so make a list of questions to ask before you actually start looking at office spaces for rent in Overland Park, KS. Here are a few terms to be familiar with that can help you avoid being blindsided by major financial consequences down the line, as defined in the article “Three Things to Keep in Mind with Your Commercial Lease”:

  1. Commercial Rent – This is the rental rate you will find on a listing. You will want to double check this when you visit a space to make sure that the square footage listed is actually usable square footage.
  2. Effective Rent – This is the actual rate you will end up paying during your tenancy and includes factors like tenant improvement allowances, concessions, and escalations over the years. All of these things vary greatly by landlord and property, so you need to get an idea of what these are before truly being able to compare spaces. A commercial real estate broker can help you understand what is common for different markets, so they can be a valuable resource in determining the true bottom line rental rate of a space.
  3. Escalation – This is the increase in rent per square footage your business could be charged after your base year of the lease (usually your first full year).
  4. Expense stop – This is the means of determining escalation; the expense stop is the amount that the landlord pays towards operating costs of the building, and anything beyond that will be charged to the tenant in the form of escalation following the base year.
  5. Tenant Improvement Allowances – This is the amount a landlord might allocate for major improvements to a space, which are becoming more popular in the era of creative zones, cafes, and collaboration rooms. As you’re thinking about your TI, make sure you think about whether you or the landlord ultimately has ownership of the improvements. Don’t invest so much in your space that you are at a disadvantage when lease renewal negotiations come, or negotiate upfront a lease structure that will allow you to best take advantage of these improvements.

Being aware of all of these financial factors is a crucial prerequisite to signing a lease. Not only do you need to make sure that your business has the budget for a particular space, but knowing these different variables will help you more accurately compare spaces to get the best deal possible.

Working with a broker can really help you understand these costs in commercial space for rent in Kansas City, particularly how the market in a certain area affects them. Make sure that the broker you are working with is actually working for you and is not representing the best interests of the landlord.

If your business is interested in looking at Kansas office space for rent, give us a call at 913-685-4100 to find out more about or affordable office space for lease in Overland Park.


Commercial Property in Overland Park, KS: What Science Has to Do With Your Office Design

Social science, behavioral science, neuroscience – all of these areas are relevant to your office space for rent in Overland Park, KS, design. Research into these areas is helping designers figure out what makes a truly great office space. If you are looking for office space for rent in Overland Park or simply considering some upgrades to your current space, check out a few key elements of office space design and the scientific research that supports them, as described in the article “The Science of Office Design”:

#1 Lighting 

Most people know the effects of different lighting – for example, florescent versus natural. But the science behind these preferences can give us even more details to keep in mind while looking for or designing a space. Warm lighting, for example, can help give employees a cognitive boost and reduce stress levels. Interestingly enough, this is something airplanes have been starting to use to help relax passengers!

#2 Noise Levels

Acoustics most definitely affect productivity and creativity in the workplace. Scientists have actually been able to pinpoint that 70 decibels is the perfect balance between noise and quiet. Anything louder than that will be distracting; anything quieter will feel unnatural.

#3 Ceilings 

It is almost too perfect to be true: scientists suggest that higher ceilings actually promote higher-level conceptual thinking, whereas lower ceilings are more conducive to mathematical thinking. So if you are in a line of work where you need your employees to make overarching connections and unleash their imaginations, that higher ceiling might be a good fit. On the other hand, if you need more contained tasks on a day to day basis, a lower ceiling might be a better option.

#4 Distance between things in the office

Something as little as how far you have to walk to another person’s desk can actually have an impact on how a business functions. There are also thresholds for this – for example, if you sit 80 feet or more away from a person, you are significantly less likely to interact with them throughout the day, and thus less likely to end up collaborating with them on work. Think about measuring desk distance in your office or strategically grouping desks to foster fruitful collaborations.

#5 Visibility

Along with distance, visibility is another factor in whether you will work with someone during your workday. If someone is in your line of sight and you get regular glimpses of them, you are more likely to interact with them during the day, and thus more likely to work with them on something.

#6 Nature

Researchers have long suspected the positive impact of nature on humans, but recent research really confirms how much of a positive effect nature can have on stress levels. Seeing plants, breathing fresh air, or having a view of the outdoors can strongly influence not only stress levels, but also performance. Research also shows that this nature has to be the real deal – just a video of nature has the same effect on employees as a blank wall!

It’s a simple truth: our environment affects our mental state, which in turn affects our performance as work. Whether you’re in the process of looking for commercial real estate in Olathe, KS, starting to think through the design of a new space, or simply considering some changes to a current office, there are big and small ways to implement these principles.

Not only will your employees feel more positive about their environment, but this translates to better productivity and will ultimately benefit your bottom line.

If your business is interested in office space for lease in Overland Park, KS, give us a call at 913-685-4100 to find out more about our available commercial real estate in Kansas City.


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3 Ways to Avoid Excessive Common Area Maintenance Costs in Your Overland Park Office Space

Common Area Maintenance (CAM) costs can be a major expense for business’s renting commercial real estate, often to their surprise.  While there are a lot of negotiation points in a lease that affect CAM costs, here are three general principles for keeping your CAM costs manageable, as suggested in the article “Avoid Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Cost Surprises”:

#1 Know Who is Really Paying

While you and your landlord might have established in the lease who is immediately responsible for certain costs, be wary about the ways costs can come back to you in different forms—such as through high CAM fees.  Read the lease thoroughly to make sure you are not paying double for anything and to check that all costs seem reasonable.

#2 Understand the Management Fee

Oftentimes you will have to pay a fee based on a certain percentage of your gross payments or some other calculation that goes towards property management – salaries and overhead for people on the property management team.  This cost might be unavoidable, but make sure you clearly understand how your landlord is calculating the percentage to check to see that they are not overcharging you.  You will want to make sure that the salaries are not also included in your CAM fees, which would mean you are paying double.  Be sure to carefully analyze the language describing additional costs to make sure it is reasonable, then factor in what this percentage management fee means for your true cost of rent.

#3 Negotiate for Caps

If there is no way around certain costs, make sure that you at least a set a limit on how much the landlord can charge you, because if not, they have no real reason to keep those costs down.  To keep a landlord transparent, see if you can get a copy of a budget of CAM expenses for a first year.  You might also ask for an approval process if a landlord’s spending exceeds a specified cap, or simply state that the landlord is responsible for all costs beyond a certain amount.  If you would prefer consistency, consider negotiating for a flat fee, rather than reimbursing a landlord for occasional expenses.  It is a gamble as to whether or not this will save you money, but it will at least allow you to plan your budget accordingly.

CAM fees have a major effect on the actual cost of your rent, so make sure you understand them completely!

If you are interested in commercial space for rent in Overland Park, give us a call at 913-685-4100 to learn more about our affordable office space in Overland Park!


Making Sure an Office Space Lease in Overland Park Will Fit Your Business

Before signing the dotted line on your lease agreement, carefully look over the terms to make sure that the lease is really meeting your business’s needs.  Here are a few things to think about as you review a lease:

  • The rent and lease length – Can you afford rent?  How long is the lease?  You probably do not want to get stuck in a five to ten year lease if possible.  This can be a difficult lease to be in if your business grows more rapidly than you anticipated or the location turns out to be less than ideal.  Your best option is a short term lease with option to renew.
  • The physical space – Does your business need modifications to the original space?  For instance, do you need to raise a loading dock, add some cubicles, or rewire for better communications?  If so, confirm that you or your landlord is able to make those kinds of changes.
  • Considerations specific to your business – Think about minor things, such as your signage privileges if you expect primarily walk in customers, or whether or not your landlord can lease nearby space to competitors.

It is so important to go over your lease carefully—as tedious as it may be—to make sure that the needs of your business are being met.  Know what you are getting yourself into, or your business could pay for it down the line.

If your business is looking for an office space in Overland Park, KS, give a commercial real estate broker in Overland Park a call at 913-685-4100!


Leasing Terms to Include in a Counter Offer for Office Space in Kansas City

commercial real estate broker in Kansas CityA counter offer requires that you provide some details about your business, but the essence of the letter is to address important lease terms, such as lease length and renewal options or property improvements.  Here are some tips on addressing some of these major points in a counter offer:

  1. Length of the Lease.  Be very clear about the lease length terms you are asking for—a two-year lease with three, one-year options to renew is different than five straight years with no renewal options.  Typically landlords prefer leases that are 2 years or longer, but it could not hurt to ask for a one-year lease.  These often cost more and might have less renewal options, but at least you will not be locked into a space.  Since there is a chance your business might outgrow the space, or might struggle and need to find a smaller space, you will want to leave yourself the option to get out of that space quickly, and remember that breaking a lease can be costly.
  2. Condition of the Property.  Be clear as to whether you want the space as is, or if you need the landlord to repair or improve it first.  If you are planning on doing renovations yourself, include this in a lease, because sometimes the landlord will give you an incentive or allowance for improving the property.  If you aren’t sure if this particular landlord will do this, keep things open and offer to submit more details about your plans at a later time, after you hear more about considerations a landlord might offer for renovations.
  3. Occupancy Date.  Tell the landlord when you want to take physical possession of the property, which could sometimes be a different date than the date you begin paying rent.  You might even be able to negotiate a month of free rent by having your move-in date be a month before the date the lease actually begins.

Be sure that you know what you are getting yourself into with each of these terms so that you know how to address them in a counter offer!

If you are looking at commercial realty in Kansas City, give a DDI Commercial real estate broker in Kansas City a call at 913-685-4100 to learn about our available properties!