Overland Park Office Space for Rent

Before you wrap up your search for Overland Park office space for rent and sign that dotted line, you might want to carefully go over several different aspects of your lease with a commercial real estate agent or your potential landlord.  A previous post suggested a few topics you might want to discuss; here are a few more to think about:

  1. Amenities.  You might want to ask about what is included in the space you are renting: do you have your own restrooms, or will you be sharing?  Does the building have a security system?  Central air conditioning?  Is it wired for high-speed internet?  Find out about these and other included amenities.
  2. Terms.  You will want to decide whether you would prefer a short or a long-term lease.  Think about the future of your business, and consider whether the space you are looking at will have enough room for you to grow in the next few years, especially if you are want to expand your business’s services or hire more employees.  You can ask about the possibility of expanding into more space in that same location.  The benefit of a long-term lease is that you could potentially negotiate for special terms, such as an adjustment to your rent during a slow season.  You might also want to find out what happens once your lease ends to avoid any issues such as your rent doubling.

It cannot hurt to thoroughly review these and other important topics before you sign a lease for your new Kansas City office space!

If you would like to discuss any of these topics in regards to Southcreek’s available Kansas City office space for lease, give us a call at 913-685-4100!


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