Personalize Your Overland Park Office Space

If you work for a company that will allow a little decoration, consider personalizing your office space or cubicle to make it a more enjoyable space in which to spend so much of your week!  Here are a few more tips for improving the décor of your workspace:

  1. Bring in accessories.  Add pictures of family and friends, some inspirational quotes on the walls, a small sculpture or a vase to create a little visual interest.  You might also consider bringing in an area rug to define your workspace.
  2. Adjust lighting.  You might bring in a small desk lamp with a warm natural-light bulb instead of using harsh florescent lighting in your office.
  3. Stay organized.  Keeping your space clean and neat showcases your professionalism.  You can be stylish while you stay organized by using pretty desk containers, storage boxes covered in linin, or interesting hanging organizers that coordinate with the rest of your office’s décor.
  4. Be inviting.  Everyone loves that office space with a candy dish or a mini espresso machine!

As you decorate your office space, remember not to go overboard and clutter up your desk with all of your accessories—you still need to do work in your space!

If you are interested in finding a commercial space for lease in Overland Park, give a commercial real estate broker in Overland Park a call at 913-685-4100!\


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