6 Basic Steps for Finding Commercial Realty in Kansas City

Are you looking to relocate your business to a new rental space, but wondering how to conduct that process?  Taking time to thoroughly plan and execute your search for commercial space can help you find a space that will satisfy your business’s needs for the duration of a lease without unexpected hitches.  The Center for Commercial Real Estate offers a few basic steps to potentially keep in mind as you start your search for new office space:

  1. Determine your space requirements and analyze your business’s needs.  This includes considering location, service and amenity requirements, components of the space, and staffing projections.
  2. Survey the market.  An organized approach to this step can help provide you with a more clear comparison of the spaces you are considering.
  3. Selection of most qualified spaces.  This involves narrowing down your list of potential options based on your original needs, including location and amenities and services, as well as a consideration of the background of the current landlord.
  4. Perform technical property review and take a physical tour.  It is helpful to take notes on each of your top spaces as you tour them in order to remember details later.
  5. Conduct the proposal process.  Distribute your Request for Proposal (RFP) to various potential landlords, review their responses, and evaluate this data alongside your data about the space and the history of the landlords.
  6. Begin negotiations.  This potentially includes making a negotiation checklist, seeking input from legal counsel, and finally creating and executing the lease document.

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