Moving to a New Office Space for Lease in Overland Park, KS: 3 Tips for Transitioning Employees

Relocating a business to a new office space for Lease in Overland Park, KS, is stressful for employees, whether you are moving to a new city entirely or even just across town. Employees might be excited about new growth and opportunities, but also concerned about logistics and change in general. Thus, it is important for the leadership in a business to thoughtfully plan how to make this a smooth transition, which will ultimately help workflow continue and won’t hurt your bottom line. Here are some suggestions for supporting employees during a move to a commercial office space for rent in Overland Park, KS, as suggested in the article “5 Ways to Make Corporate Relocation Easier on your Employees”:

#1 Excite and prepare them for a new commercial space for rent in Kansas City

Giving your employees plenty of information and building excitement for a new location can help relieve a lot of stress, particularly if you are moving to a new city. Here are a few things that you could think of doing, especially with the help of HR staff:

  • Provide employees with information about different neighborhoods to potentially move to in the area.
  • Send employees on a pilot trip to see the city, neighborhoods, and office.
  • Have your legal team educate employees well ahead of time on what moving expenses are tax-deductible.
  • Have HR take care of details like transferring health insurance or setting up bank accounts.
  • Present employees with information on things like school registration, car registration, and new driver’s license requirements.
  • Purchase public transit passes for employees so they can get around the new city more easily.

Doing all of these things can build some excitement for what a new location has to offer, plus help remove some of the major and minor stresses of moving. The less employees have to worry about these details, the happier they will be and the more uninterrupted work flow will be.

#2 Give what assistance you can, and be clear about what you can’t.

Be clear upfront about your policies on compensating employees for the move. Will you help them find housing? Cover some of their moving expenses? Is the relocation temporary or permanent? Answer these questions right off the bat – communication is key in getting your employees to trust your business and buy into a big transition. You might even consider holding a meeting specifically for employees to raise any questions and concerns they might have.

Even if you don’t plan to offer official assistance in finding permanent housing for each employee, you could still give everyone suggestions for temporary housing for when they first arrive, such as long term hotels, or even Airbnbs.

#3 Hire a reliable moving company.

Finally, when moving time actually arrives, do your employees the favor of hiring a reliable moving company. Employees will have enough to worry about without the stress of arriving at a new office to find their files jumbled and their equipment damaged. If hiring a moving company for the personal moving side is part of your relocation package, your employees will also appreciate not having to worry about those belongings.

The key to a successful move to office space is reducing as much stress as you can for employees! Try to give them as much assistance as you can and be open and transparent about the whole process.

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