5 Overland Park Office Space Makeover Tips: Part II

 5 Overland Park Office Space Makeover TipsMake sure that your office space is making a positive impression on customers and clients and is a hospitable environment for your own employees.  Here are a few tips for transforming your office space atmosphere (you can read our first post on this topic here: 5 Overland Park Office Space Makeover Tips):

3.    Floors.  These are a subtle but important element of your office decor.  Your office can appear neglected if you have worn floors or carpet stains, so consider replacing these old floors.  You might consider durable laminate or bamboo flooring for a look that is both natural and bright.  Carpet tiles are also available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors.  These have the added effect of absorbing sound, and individual carpet squares can be replaced as they wear out to keep the carpet looking new.
4.    Clutter Control.  Clutter can make a space seem crowded and unproductive.  Encourage your employees to keep their spaces clean and organized, and keep supplies out of sight by adding doors to cabinets and shelves in shared supply spaces.  If you have a lot of clutter, you might also consider an external storage unit or a portable storage unit in your parking lot.
5.    Scents.  Pleasant scents can improve the atmosphere of any space.  To invigorate your atmosphere, use scents like camphor, mint, or eucalyptus.  Scents like lavender or vanilla can create a relaxing space.  You can choose between using plug-in scents, reed diffusers, oil diffusers, or scented wax warmers.

Taking simple makeover steps like these can go a long way to improving your office environment!

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