5 Tips for a More Efficient Planning Process of your Kansas City Office Space

5 Tips for a More Efficient Planning Process of your Kansas City Office Space

Productivity and collaboration are key components to any thriving business, and these can be promoted by designing a space that employees feel comfortable in. Making sure that employees are happy with changes in office space will help make the transition from one space to another a lot easier! Even though the space and design layouts of the Facebook and Google offices are impressive, they aren’t exactly effective for everyone’s workspace. So here are a five tips to consider when redesigning your own offices, as suggested in the article “9 Efficiency Tips for Space Planning Your Office”:

  1. Make it your own. Personalization is an key factor for feeling proud of your space. People who design and rework their own work environments feel a sense of ownership of their space. This can increase a sense of attachment and productivity toward work that is developed and executed there.
  1. Consider the amount of space. When designing the amount of space you need for your office you may want to consider how much space is actually essential versus how much space you want. One thing to consider is that storing and filing important materials are very important parts of the workflow, but this needs to be done without sacrificing the natural feel of the office space and the workers’ requirements.
  1. Design then grow. It is important for the office layout that you are considering to be designed with growth in mind. When coming up with each of the different departments of your office space; remember to think of the unique type of work that will be getting done there, as well as what the space will be in the future of the company.
  1. Think technology, be aware of budget. Technology is a great way to create a unique environment for your office. Talk to IT consultants and management about what is needed to get a deeper understanding of what could be used in the future for workers. This may help create a very distinctive atmosphere for your employees. However, be aware of the budget and time constraints – it can be easy to get lost in the conceptual design of an office.
  1. Look for a variety of opinions. The design of the new office space should incorporate other people’s ideas as well. Remembering to ask management and IT is important, but also consider asking employees about potential design ideas. Get everyone involved in the redesign and this will help promote a positive attitude toward the change.

Redesign and change can require a lot of work, but incorporating these tips could change a dispirited space into something everyone is happy with!

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Checklist of Conditions for Your Office Rental Space in Kansas City Lease: Part III

Have you done a walk-through?  Talked to your landlord about any repairs that need to be made?  Read over the lease?  You are almost there!  It could not hurt to read the lease carefully again—this time with a checklist in mind to make sure that the lease covers anything you might have concerns about.  Here are a few final things to make sure your lease addresses:

  • What are the terms of renewal?  What will your rent increase be if you renew, and will you be required to sign a new lease after a certain amount of time?  Usually landlords make the renewal term the same amount of time as the original lease (i.e. a two-year lease would mean a two-year renewal option).
  • Specifically state in the lease any work you plan on doing to repair or improve the property.  Some landlords might give you credit for the work you do, but they will want to approve it first.  Other might not allow you to do anything unless you use their contractors.
  • Look closely at anything the landlord has promised to do or not do.  You do not want to leave things at an “oral” agreement, because proving these terms were agreed upon can be extremely difficult, so be sure these terms are written into the lease.
  • Any other specific terms you have asked to be a part of the lease.

If any of these items are not included in the lease, request that they are written into the lease before you sign it, and make sure that you fully understand all of the terms of the lease!

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Craft Bazaar near Southcreek Office Park

Want to get a jump start on your Christmas shopping?  If you are looking for unique, homemade gifts, look no further than our own Southcreek neighborhood!  Check out the Annual Holiday Craft Bazaar located near People’s Bank in Southcreek Office Park!  Here is some more information about this event:

Dates: November 9th – 10th

Hours: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm both days

Silvercrest at Deer Creek Retirement Community
13060 South Metcalf

Items Available:
•    Needlecraft
•    Jewelry
•    Candy trees
•    Gallery wood items
•    Children’s aprons
•    Beautiful angel books
•    College throws (no sew)
•    Pewter
•    Wreaths
•    Scarves
•    Decorative items for the holiday tables
•    Large doll house
•    Photography
•    Beaded watches
•    And more!

Vendor Booths:
•    Mary Kay
•    Bling
•    Spark-I
•    And more!

Contact Information: (913)-681-1101

Don’t miss out on this chance to browse through tables of classic gifts and hand-crafted items!  For more information on this craft bazaar and other upcoming holiday events, visit the November issue of What’s Up at the Creek.

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SAFEHOME Flag Football Tournament Near Southcreek Office Park

Enjoy some fall football for a good cause in the 2012 SAFEHOME Red Flags for Domestic Violence Flag Football Tournament!  Here is some information about this upcoming event, you can also check out the SAFEHOME football flier 2012:

Date: October 27th 2012

Coed check-in at 8:00 am
Coed play at 9:00 am
Open check-in 8:00 am
Open play at 9:00 am

Mid-America Sports Complex
20000 Johnson Drive
Shawnee, KS

Tournament Info:
•    32 team limit
•    13 teams in each Open and Coed Division
•    Pool Play
•    Professional referees
•    Each team guaranteed 3 games, and championship games for each division

Game Info:
•    30 minute games
•    Two 15 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime
•    Fields are 60 x 40 yards

•    $275 per team up to 12 players – Public Safety Team (police, fire, etc.)
•    $350 per team up to 12 players – All other teams
•    $10 per additional player

Other Info:
•    Players receive tournament shirts
•    1st and 2nd place teams get trophies
•    Two concession stands will be open at the Mid-America Sports Complex
•    No outside food or alcohol allowed
•    Rainout date is November 3rd (In the event of another rainout, your sponsorship/registration will be considered a donation)

Register your team on the SAFEHOME website by October 17th and get ready for some football!

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6 Basic Steps for Finding Commercial Realty in Kansas City

Are you looking to relocate your business to a new rental space, but wondering how to conduct that process?  Taking time to thoroughly plan and execute your search for commercial space can help you find a space that will satisfy your business’s needs for the duration of a lease without unexpected hitches.  The Center for Commercial Real Estate offers a few basic steps to potentially keep in mind as you start your search for new office space:

  1. Determine your space requirements and analyze your business’s needs.  This includes considering location, service and amenity requirements, components of the space, and staffing projections.
  2. Survey the market.  An organized approach to this step can help provide you with a more clear comparison of the spaces you are considering.
  3. Selection of most qualified spaces.  This involves narrowing down your list of potential options based on your original needs, including location and amenities and services, as well as a consideration of the background of the current landlord.
  4. Perform technical property review and take a physical tour.  It is helpful to take notes on each of your top spaces as you tour them in order to remember details later.
  5. Conduct the proposal process.  Distribute your Request for Proposal (RFP) to various potential landlords, review their responses, and evaluate this data alongside your data about the space and the history of the landlords.
  6. Begin negotiations.  This potentially includes making a negotiation checklist, seeking input from legal counsel, and finally creating and executing the lease document.

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5 Reasons to Rent Commercial Space in Overland Park: Part IV

One particular benefit of Southcreek’s location is the myriad of opportunities to entertain visiting clients.  Forbes suggests that entertaining clients can give you an edge in keeping their business—even if you have to do it on a budget.  Here are a few suggestions for affordable entertainment options both from the Forbes website and based on what the Overland Park and Kansas City areas have to offer:

  • Ticketing Opportunities.  Southcreek’s corporate consignment program offers tenants discounted tickets to different events in Kansas City.  You can snag Sporting KC tickets for your clients or get a deal on Sprint Center events such as the Olympic Gymnastics Tour.
  • Deliver a Treat.  Forbes described how a few different companies decided to randomly deliver pizzas to clients or to send an ice cream truck to their business.  A gesture like this does not require much time or creativity, but clients tend to remember and talk about it.
  • Festivals and Cultural Events.  Kansas City is constantly hosting different types of festivals such as the KC Irish Fest and other ethnic celebrations.  Walk around, enjoy a nice evening in the city, and grab a drink somewhere.
  • Golf Courses.  The classic way to entertain a client—and fortunately Southcreek Office Park is located near a few different golf courses.

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Flu Shot Program at Southcreek Office Park

Cool weather is coming, and with it comes cold season.  Stay healthy this year by participating in the 2012 Flu Shot Program!  The Management Team at DDI extends this service to all community members (ages 5 and up), and Healthy Solutions Incorporated will be providing the flu shots again this year.  Here is some more information about this upcoming opportunity:

Dates, Times, & Locations:
Tuesday, October 2nd:

  • Building V:    8:00 am – 11:00 am
  • Building XV:    12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Wednesday, October 3rd:

  • Building XV:    8:00 am – 11:00 am
  • Building V:     12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Cost of Shots:
Flu Shot: $21.00
Pneumonia Shot: $75.00

Insurance Plans:

  • Coventry of Kansas/Advantra – Flu & Pneumonia (We do not accept FMH or National Coventry)
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield – Flu only
  • CIGNA – Flu only (We do not accept CIGNA – Great West)
  • Humana – Flu only (We do not accept Prescription Drug Plan only cards or Humana One plans)
  • United Healthcare – Flu only
  • Medicare Part B and Medicare Replacement Products – Flu & Pneumonia (Must be primary insurance)

Employer coupons: If employers would like to pay for employees’ flu shots, contact Terri Murphy at Healthy Solutions Incorporated at 913-345-223 or tmurphy@healthysolutionsinc.com to set up an account and get coupons for your employees. Healthy Solutions Incorporated will invoice you after the all the clinics are completed.

Physicians Order Required if You have or are the following:

  • Pregnant
  • Neurological disorder
  • Under physicians care for disease of the blood, immunosuppression, or cancer treatment

Check out the September issue of What’s Up at the Creek? for more information.

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Deer Creek Golf Club Rental Rooms and Foursome Discount near Southcreek Office Park

Southcreek is conveniently located near many amenities and services in Southern Johnson County, including several golf courses.  Deer Creek Golf Club is located very close to Southcreek at 7000 W. 133rd Street in Overland Park and offers opportunities for both large room rentals and golfing discounts.

Room Rentals.  Deer Creek has beautiful meeting rooms, excellent food, and a professional staff, making it a good potential location for a company event.  The clubhouse features several private rooms of different sizes with panoramic views of the golf course and covered outdoor verandas for you and your guests to enjoy:

  • The Lakeview Room accommodates up to 30
  • The Seasons Room accommodates up to 150
  • The Sunset Room accommodates up to 250 (Depending on room design and layout)

Room rental fees will apply and are based on the amount of space and time needed.  The experienced staff at Deer Creek can assist you in creating a successful event by aiding with menu choice and customizing your room set-up.

Southcreek Office Park Foursome Special.  Check this month’s issue of What’s Up At the Creek? to find a Deer Creek coupon for a foursome discount.  The offer includes green fee, cart, and a sandwich and chips for each player for $169.00 ($216.00 value).  The coupon is valid daily after 1:00 pm through 9/30/12.  It is not valid with any other offer, leagues, or outings, and four players are required.  You MUST present the coupon at your check in.

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5 Reasons to Rent Commercial Office Space in Overland Park: Part I

Overland Park, Kansas might just be the perfect place for your business to settle into a commercial lease.  There are several different benefits of both renting commercial property and living in Overland Park, one of which is that Overland Park, KS was in CNNMoney’s top 100 places to live in 2011.  Here are a few stats that show why this town made the list:

•    Median family income (per year)- $101,267
•    Job growth percentage – 17.47%
•    Income Tax percentage – 3.50%-6.45%
•    Median home price – $210,241
•    Reading test scores (percentage above or below the state average) – 10.9%
•    Math test scores – 11.6%
•    Personal crime incidents (per 1,000) – 2
•    Property crime incidents (per 1,000) – 25
•    Restaurants – 2,555
•    High temperature in July ° F – 89.4°
•    Low temperature in January ° F – 19.9°
•    Median age – 37

All of this information could be helpful to know because if you chose to move your business to Overland Park, that might also mean relocating your life and your family.  Not only is Overland Park a good place to establish a business, but things like test scores, crime incidents, and home prices show that it also a comfortable place to live and raise a family.

Want to learn more about why Southcreek Overland Park is such a great place for commercial office leasing?  Stay tuned for more major reasons in future posts, or give one of our commercial real estate brokers in Overland Park a call at 913-685-4100!


What Should Be Included in a Purchase Contract for Commercial Realty in Overland Park

Are you overwhelmed by figuring out what you might want to include in a commercial real estate purchase contract?  While the exact content of a contract will vary from transaction to transaction, some experts recognize a few staples that most commercial real estate contracts should set forth:

•    The parties
•    The sales price of the property and terms of payment
•    A description of the property
•    Specifics on title and title insurance
•    Closing location and date
•    Any financing contingencies
•    Closing conditions
•    Warranties and representations
•    Provision for any environmental and hazardous waste
•    Matters of land use and zoning
•    A plan of action if a party breaches contract
•    Inspection and due diligence rights
•    Attorney’s fees and costs
•    Matters regarding dispute resolution
•    Term and termination rights
•    Governing laws
•    Notice and any other typical contractual provisions

This list is just a basic guideline from one expert.  A little research and a conversation with a lawyer could also be helpful steps in making sure you are ready to draw up a contract for you business’s future rental property.

If you would like to learn more about the terms of renting with Southcreek Office Park, feel free to give one of our commercial real estate brokers in Overland Park a call at 913-685-4100.  Many of our spaces are perfect for small, start-up companies, and we would be happy to answer any commercial real estate questions you have!