What Type of Kansas City Office Space Location is Best for Your Business?

In order to find a profitable location for your business, you will want to consider the various factors that will increase customer traffic to your location.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you are considering what type of location would be best for your business:

  • Will customers be walking in?  It is important to distinguish between foot and automobile traffic.  For example, if you are opening a coffee shop in the city, you might depend on nearby pedestrian traffic for business.
  • Will customers be driving to our location, and if so, is there parking available?  For example, if you are opening an auto repair shop, you might want to locate on a well-travelled street where your business will be noticed by drivers.
  • Will the reputation of a particular area or building help draw more customers?
  • Will we draw more customers in a space near other similar businesses?  A woman’s clothing shop might do well near other clothing stores, since people shopping for clothes tend to spend some time browsing multiple stores in a particular area.

Finding the perfect location varies from business to business.  Be sure to take some time to consider the habits of the customers you are interested in before choosing a location.

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Silver Dollar City Discount for Southcreek Office Park Tenants

Good Morning America has referred to Silver Dollar City as a “Top 5 spot to light up the Holidays,” so do not miss out on an opportunity to bring your family to Branson’s Silver Dollar City for a Christmas Celebration!  Create beautiful holiday memories and celebrate the true meaning of the magical holiday season in the dazzling glow of over 5 million Christmas lights!  Here are a few of the Christmas attractions featured at Silver Dollar City this year:

Shopping – Get some Christmas shopping done at over two dozen one-of-a-kind shops such as Jingle Bell Junction, located in the Frisco Barn, which showcases 80 different themed trees as well as a variety of other Christmas decorations, including tableware, snow globes, lighted collectibles, and more!

An Old Time Christmas – In addition to your favorite Silver Dollar City rides and attractions (open weather permitting), experience the tastes of the season!  Enjoy an evening of family and food at a hickory-smoked prime rib buffet, or warm yourself up with a bowl of chili.  You can get your fill of holiday treats with the selection of gingerbread cookies, apple dumpling, and S ’mores!

Musicals – Come see two family-friendly Christmas classics: A Dickens’ Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life.  The kids will love seeing Christmas on Main Street and the Gifts of Christmas Holiday Light Parade—just a few of the festive events taking place this season!

To get your discounted tickets (Adult = $53.00 + tax; Child = $43.00 + tax), go to www.sdcticketoffers.com, click purchase tickets, enter the corporate promo code 13810, and then proceed to checkout and print your tickets!  If you have any questions, call Chris at 913-685-4100.

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Financing Sources for Commercial Realty in Kansas City

Businesses can look to a few different types of sources to fund their executive office rental in Overland Park: mortgage banking firms, regional banks, savings and loan institutions, private investors, and insurance companies.  Financing for commercial real estate can involve very different terms, and the way deals are formulated is based on a few different factors:

  • Anticipated property use
  • Expected returns from the property
  • Type of real estate
  • Geography
  • Size of the real estate
  • Market risk conditions
  • Possible risk to the lender

A business owner should examine each of these areas carefully before looking for commercial real estate financing. It is also important to look at the different types of loans offered by different financial sources to see how they match up to your business’s needs and potential growth.  Commercial real estate loans are different than residential real estate loans, in which the transaction is only based on the value of the property at the time of the sale—commercial real estate financing is partially based on the future value of your business.  Knowing the different potential sources for office rental space in Overland Park funding as well as being familiar with the factors that go into structuring these deals can help you make an informed decision about how best to finance your acquisition of commercial rental property.

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