Evaluating Your Employees in Your Office Rental Space in Kansas City

As a small business owner, it is important for you to know how each and every one of your employees is contributing to your business, whether they’re being productive and fulfilling expectations and goals. In order to have an accurate measurement of this, it is necessary to evaluate employees regularly throughout the year, even if you only meet with them for a performance review once a year. Here are a few factors to consider as you observe employees throughout the year, as suggested in the article “Keeping Tabs on Employee Performance: 5 Key Factors to Measure”:

#1 Adherence to Expectations

An obvious thing to measure is whether employees are adhering to the terms laid out in their contract. Do they respect company policies? Deviations from various obligations might suggest that employees aren’t performing at the level your business needs.

#2 Work Quality

Another thing to consider is the quality of the work the employee is producing, whether this is in sales, marketing, or in some other department. Do they produce quality work efficiently? Or are several rounds of revisions necessary? This can be a good indicator of an employee’s overall performance.

#3 Self-presentation and Habits

Does the employee follow  the dress code, or do you need to consistently have conversations with them about what is work appropriate? Does the employee have some bad habits, such as using computers for social networking, taking excessively long breaks, gossiping, or having regular or petty conflicts with other coworkers? Be clear up front about with the rules and expectations are, then check to see if the employee respects these expectations.

#4 Consistant Punctuality

One simple thing to consider is whether or not an employee shows up on time for work each day. If they consistently come to the office late, take an excessive number of personal days, or just generally do not contribute their share of the work, this could have a damaging effect on the entire office by over-straining other employees.

It is important to create a supportive and positive environment for your employees, but any business also needs a certain amount of accountability for it to function at its full potential. Make sure that your business is at the level it should be by regularly tracking employees’ performance.

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4 Ideas for Improving Wellness in Your Kansas City Office Space

In recent years, businesses have been taking steps to become more sustainable in their office spaces by recycling, improving energy efficiency, and instituting other environmentally friendly practices. However, sustainability has recently taken on another dimension–one that focuses on the whole being of the employees. Studies suggests that happier employees tend to be more productive, so some businesses are starting to seriously consider the health and well-being of their workers. Here are a few examples of what businesses have done to cater to their employees wellness, as suggested in the article “Designing a Better Office Space”:

1. Kitchens – many offices have started stocking pantries with healthy snacks for their employees, as well as creating events that take place in the office kitchen, allowing people to interact while making and eating meals.

2. Furniture – recent research suggesting the negative health effects of sitting for long periods of time have led many offices to redesign their furniture to allow employees to stand and stretch as they work. Some examples of these types of furniture include standing desks, or even treadmill desks for added exercise.

3. Outdoor Areas – some businesses are opting for offices situated near walking trails, giving employees the opportunity to get outside and walk and enjoy fresh air during the day, also opening up the option of using the trail as an informal meeting place to walk and talk with teams or other employees. Other offices are simply adding small outdoor areas to their office space where employees can step outside and relax for a moment.

4. Hybrid Offices – following the trend of creating relaxed, collaborative spaces, a few businesses are even creating hybrid office spaces that are connected to a coffee shop or some other area where employees can conduct their business or meet with clients in a space in a more creative and relaxing atmosphere.

If you are thinking about updating your office space or moving to a new one altogether, consider factoring in some of these wellness ideas to your design plan. Employees might welcome a more comfortable atmosphere and your concern for their health, and perhaps reward your business with their diligence and loyalty.

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4 Ways Going Green Promotes Productivity in an Office Rental Space in Kansas City

It is no secret that the physical features of office space can have a direct impact on employees, specifically improving or hurting their mood and productivity levels. Discomforts such as stuffiness, noise, and depressing lighting can all contribute to workers feeling lethargic in an office space. Here are five ways a more green office can positively impact your work environment, as suggested in the article “Is Your Office a Downer? Five Green Design Secrets of Best Places to Work”:

#1 Bring in the Plants

Studies suggest that human beings connect with living things, including plants, an idea called biophilia. This means that live plants that are clearly in view can help reduce stress, improve creativity, And even based cognitive function among your employees. Having clusters of plants around the office also visually breaks up the space and makes it less monotonous.

#2 Where’s the Sunshine?

A lot of traditional workspaces only allow senior executives to enjoy sunlight in their offices, but sunshine can affect a whole office by making employees happier and even leading to better sleep, which is always good for productivity. If it is not possible for employees to sit by a window, even just taking a walk outside during the day can provide a boost.

#3 Good Air

Another thing that affects productivity is the quality and temperature of the air in an office space. Research suggests that high levels of carbon dioxide and other harmful compounds can make employees sluggish. Studies have shown that increasing ventilation can actually improve employee performance, as can ensuring an office space maintains a comfortable temperature, because too hot or too cold can also adversely affect productivity.

#4 A Balance of Spaces

Noise can also be a type of pollution that negatively affects employees. Well open office plans and more collaborative spaces tend to be great things for employees and also positively affect productivity, it is important that workers also have quiet places to go when they need to work independently. Having a separate spaces for collaboration and quiet work can reduce stress and allow employees to focus more efficiently on their tasks.

Recent research on office environments provide so much valuable insight into worker productivity. Consider implementing some of the simple ways to boost your offices mood and performance!

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Four Potential Cons of Joining a Co-working Office Space in Kansas City

There are a lot of benefits to renting a co-working space, especially for startup companies, including the connections you can make, the money can save, and the overall solidarity and creative energy of a collaborative environment. However, you should also be aware of the cons of this option as well. They might not be so detrimental as to prevent you from pursuing this option, but it is important to be prepared and decide in advance how you will handle these potential downsides. Here are a few factors to consider, as suggested in the article “The Reasons For and Against Joining a Co-Working Space”:

#1 Cost

Despite the fact that the cost of a co-working space is less than that of an actual lease, this option can still be expensive, especially for entrepreneurs trying to pinch pennies as they get their business off the ground. Carefully consider your monthly expenses and what will be most cost efficient for your business in the long run before signing up for space.

#2 Disputes

When you’re sharing space with people from other companies, conflicts can sometimes be an unavoidable part of work life. Ideally, you will find group that meshes well together, but if you do have conflicts within your space it is important to make an effort to be polite and mature in seeking resolutions.

#3 Proximity to Competitors

You might find yourself in the occasionally uncomfortable situation of working with a direct competitor. If this happens, just stay focused on your own work. Ideally, you could even turn a competitor to someone you can collaborate with if you are both like-minded and headed in the same direction.

#4 Social Distractions

While collaborative environments can have great energy, they can also potentially be distracting if too much socializing takes the place of productivity. Focus on only socializing during breaks, and consider a change of scenery if you find yourself too easily pulled from your work.

There are a lot of benefits to joining a co-working space, but it is also important to bear in mind that there are downsides. If you go into a co-working space fully aware of that pros and cons awaiting you, you can be more prepared to take advantage of the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.

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10 Ways to Develop You Small Business Image in Your Overland Park Office Space

Developing your brand and image as a business can be a crucial step to making sure your start-up business continues to take off. Brand image can be approached from a variety of angles, from customer service, to advertising, to going back to the core values of your business. Consider these tips, suggested in the article Ten Tips to Help You Build and Grow a Stand-Out Small Business Brand when approaching the task of making your brand more appealing:

#1 Be Unique

Think about what makes your business different. How do you stand out from other similar businesses in your industry? Be sure to market what it is that sets your business apart.

#2 Understand Your Brand

This extends beyond your logo or products. Your brand is the overall experience f your customers, and includes your customer interactions, social media, marketing, visual elements of your business, and how you do what you do. All of these elements should work together to present a positive image of your business.

#3 Get the Right Logo and Name

This is important for getting customers to consistently recognize your business, so make sure a name and logo reflects what your business does and is appealing to your customer base. They should also convey the personality of your business and what you stand for—it is a lot to wrap into a name and logo, but it is worth the careful consideration to find something that will really appeal to your customers.

#4 Let Your Customers See Your Face

Don’t leave your small business to run itself. Keep your employees motivated and your business structured by staying actively engaged. There is a balance to be maintained – your business should be able to be productive without you there at all times, but businesses tend to be more successful when employees can thrive off of your energy and customers can associate a face with a service.

#5 Develop a Voice

One way to distinguish yourself as a unique brand is to develop a consistant and recognizable “voice” – the tone of your interactions with customers in person, via social media, or on the phone. To decide what your voice is, think about brands that you like and would like to learn from – what do they do that makes doing business with them enjoyable?

#6 Be Your Own Biggest Fan

Success is not always about being the best salesman; sometimes a better form of sales is being the most excited about your own business. Be an advocate for your brand by showing your passion for your business and spreading that enthusiasm. Make sure customers and employees understand the story behind your business, what makes your mission and products special, and what you have been able to do for people.

#7 Build a Community

You want to be the kind of brand that customers trust and respect, and building a community can be an alternate kind of advertising that fosters this type of business reputation. Many companies spend a lot of time and energy developing a community both online and off through resources like Twitter, Facebook, or blogs, as well as participation in local activities such as fundraisers, charities, or planning and hosting their own events. It is important both to develop a following on social media and to also be a recognizable presence out in the community.

#8 Decide What Your Value Is

Your value might be some sort of emotional benefit to your customers that sets you apart from your competition. What is your unique angle on your industry? What is it that you do well that differentiates you? Think about how you value things like product quality, innovation, customer service, or some combination of values.

#9 Develop a Reputation for Reliability

Most importantly, live up to what you say you will deliver. Failing to do this can be a surefire way for a small business to flouder, since they are particularly dependant on referrals. Ensure that you have happy customers—who will be loyal customers—by making sure that you can keep all promises that you make.

Cultivating a brand image for your business with a positive reputation takes time and a multi-faceted approach. It is important to not only have values and a vision for what your business can be and do, but to embody those values yourself as a business owner and be consistent in carrying out that vision.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Commercial Space for Lease in Overland Park

While budget is and should be a major factor when selecting an office space, there are plenty of other things to consider as well before leasing a space, including the quality of the landlord services and the building’s features. Do not overlook all of these considerations when selecting a space, or it could cost you later in your tenancy. Here are a few factors to consider as you look at spaces, as suggested in the article “How to Pick the Right Office Space”:

#1 Operating Expenses

Remember that you will end up paying more for a space than just rent. Other costs will include energy, maintenance, taxes, and other expenses that the landlord will pass along to you. Make sure you talk to your broker about how a space’s expenses compare to other spaces in an area, particularly similar facilities.

#2 Infrastructure

Make sure that the systems in the building you are looking at fit your business’s operating needs. For instance, if you use a lot of technology and thus need major power and cooling resources, you will want a building that has enough HVAC power for you. Or if your employees need to be in and out of your space throughout the day, you will want to make sure you have enough affordable parking spaces. If your company relies on 24/7 power, you will want to make sure you have access to a backup generator. Consider what you need to operate your business, and make sure that a building you are looking at meets all of those needs.

#3 Space Efficiency

This goes hand-in-hand with operating expenses: make sure that the true bottom line cost of a space is really as good as it sounds. While some spaces might have lower rental rates, you might find that part of the space is not usable for working because it is made up of lobbies, restrooms, elevators, etc. This would mean that you might not be able to fit as many desks into the space as you would a smaller one with a smaller load factor. As you look at spaces, be sure to compare useable square footage and take into account common areas that you cannot use as you please.

#4 Environmental Friendliness of a Building

Not only are many businesses choosing to become more sustainable in general, but often local governments are requiring businesses to meet certain green requirements. Make sure that you work with a broker that understands green requirements and terminology when it comes to buildings, so that he or she can make sure that a space meets your specific requirements. For instance, make sure your broker understands the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System—which was created by the U.S. Green Building Council—as well whether or not the properties you are looking at have achieved ratings on this system.

#5 Property Management

You will want to investigate the property management team in a building, since these are the people who will act as a liaison between you and the building owner. Consider talking to current tenants of the building to find out how responsive managers are and to get an idea of the overall quality of things like security, maintenance services, and engineering. Good things to measure would be the property manager’s involvement with the building and the amount of contact they have with tenants. Here are a few common issues tenants have—ask about how often these complaints are raised and how they are addressed:

  • The promptness and thoroughness of maintenance staff
  • HVAC systems—specifically the temperature of the building
  • Parking accessibility
  • Condition of an elevator

Be sure to get an idea of how each of these potential problems will be handled by a property’s management team.

#6 Tenant Mix

You will want to look at the type of tenants you will be sharing a building with to make sure none will be clashing or competing with your business. On the other hand, a good tenant mix could make a building more attractive if the current tenants create a positive image of the location or help boost your brand.  Another good scenario would be if client of your business or a complementary service is located in the same building.

While it would be foolish to discount a financial analysis of two properties, it is still important to research and make note of other factors as well. Sometimes a particularly good benefit could tip the scales towards one property or another if all other factors even out.

If you are interested in learning more about property management, infrastructure, and other features of our commercial space for lease in Kansas City, give a DDI Commercial real estate broker in Kansas City a call at 913-685-4100! We can answer your questions and set you up with a tour of any of our available spaces!


5 Commercial Real Estate in Kansas City Leasing Fundamentals

If you are looking to move your business into a new office rental space, check out these fundamental real estate hunting rules to keep in mind when looking at your options, as suggested in the article “How To Lease Commercial Real Estate: Part 1”:

  1. Create Leverage – don’t stop your search until you have found several places that meet your basic requirements. This will provide you with a bit of leverage in negotiations and give you some safety nets if a space falls through.
  2. Use Your Head – do not get emotionally attached to any location until you have logically determined that the lease terms are good for your business.
  3. Know the Expenses – do not sign a lease until you know exactly what expenses you will be responsible for, including maintenance.
  4. Be a Good Reader – request a pro forma copy of a lease from a potential landlord and make sure you read through it very carefully.
  5. Analyze Your Options – make yourself a spreadsheet that includes all of the details of properties you are interested in. Some of the things it should include are unit lease price, square footage, incremental expenses (i.e. maintenance), length of lease term, and any pros and cons.

An organized and thorough search process will only benefit your business in the long run!

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Renting Commercial Realty in Kansas City

Renting commercial real estate can have a big impact on a business—for better or worse. A good lease can help your small business grow and flourish in a great location, but a bad one could potentially cost your business a lot of money and can be especially risky for small businesses. Here are a few things to do when renting a space, as well as a few things to avoid, as suggested in the article “Location and Leasing“:


  • Look at multiple properties so be able to compare rent, location, and other variables.
  • Research demographic data for an area to get an idea of your potential customer base.
  • Make a Site Model Criteria for your specific business.
  • Utilize the assistance of a commercial real estate attorney to help with negotiations or purchasing.
  • Talk to the planning and zoning departments of a city to make sure that you are in compliance with all code requirements.
  • Negotiate for a short term lease with renewal options to minimize risks.
  • Put everything in writing
  • Negotiate for no competitors to be allowed to rent in the same building as you.
  • Use the largest signs allowed and make sure they clearly state what your business offers.
  • Include terms in your lease that address the possibility of expanding.


  • Evaluate a location solely on rent.
  • Allow your landlord to determine all of the terms.
  • Be too quick to settle on a location.
  • Depend on verbal agreements during negotiations.
  • Agree to a lease without making sure you have read and understand every single term.
  • Personally guarantee a lease if you can avoid it.
  • Submit to conditions that are bad for your business – move on to looking at another space.
  • Sign a lease without consulting your lawyer.
  • Depend only on your landlord’s leasing agent for advice.
  • Close negotiations without making it clear that the lease is still subject to securing any licenses and permits.

Renting a commercial space requires careful planning, research, and attention to detail during negotiations. Be a smart negotiator and don’t let your business get stuck with a lease that will hurt you financially in the long run!

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Six Suggestions for Negotiating the Renewal of Your Office Space Lease in Overland Park: Part II

Thinking about renewing your office space lease?  Do a little research before entering negotiations so that you are equipped with as much information as possible about the market and lease renewals.  Check out these few tips for entering lease renewal negotiations, as suggested in the article, Eight Tips for Negotiating an Office Lease Renewal:

#3 Find Examples

Try to find samples of actual lease renewal and extension agreements.  These resources are available, and it is a simple way to get an idea of what kind of terms and provisions you will want to include in your new lease agreement.  If you are being represented by a broker, make sure that they are doing this for you.

#4 Research the Market

Not only should you be aware of current market rental rates, but you should also familiarize yourself with potential perks for tenants.  Some of these include rent breaks, improvements, and clauses that are favorable to your business.  Being aware of these options will give you more knowledge to take into renewal negotiations.

Take some time to plan out your negotiations for a lease renewal to ensure that you get the best possible deal!

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Six Steps to Finding the Best Deal on Kansas City Office Space: Part III

Though the economy is less than ideal, this type of market can be excellent for finding good deals on commercial real estate.  The process of finding commercial real estate might be a rare occurrence in the business lifetimes of many companies.  But this does not mean you cannot become a pro.  Here are a few final steps for finding the best deal for your business, as suggested in the article 7 Steps to a Hot Commercial Real Estate Deal:

#5 Study the Area

One great way to assess a piece of commercial property is to study the neighborhood it is located in.  You can do this by talking to other business owners in the area, going to open houses, and looking for vacancies.

#6 Use All Resources

Be adaptable in your search for deals.  Read classified ads, use the internet, and even consider hiring a real estate expert to help you seek out the best deals.

Remember that finding and evaluating commercial real estate is about more than assessing neighborhoods, finding the best listing price, or attracting landlords most willing to make a deal.  The bottom line is being able to communicate, to build good relationships and rapport with landlords so they are willing to work out the best deal with you.

If your business is interested in finding a good deal on a commercial space for lease in Kansas City, give a DDI Commercial real estate broker in Kansas City a call at 913-685-4100!