5 Questions You Should Address in Your Office Space Lease in Overland Park Negotiations

An office space is always going to be one of your business’s biggest expenses, so it is in your best interest to negotiate the most favorable least possible. While leases do vary, there are a few common points of discussion that come up in most lease negotiations. Before you sign a lease, here are a few questions to raise with the landlord, as suggested in the article “How to Negotiate a Better Commercial Lease”:

#1 How long is the lease and what is the rental rate?

Remember that landlords usually offer better terms for tenants who agree to longer leases. However, this is not in your best interest as a tenant, because you want to be able to renegotiate the lease or leave if you need to. A good way to meet in the middle is to try to negotiate for a two year lease with several options for renewal.

Try to limit the rent increases for later renewal terms to small amounts based on inflation or the cost of living, rather than on “fair market” price—this price does not take into consideration your years as a stable and loyal tenant. Be cautious with incentives the landlord offers upfront, because this most likely means that you will somehow have to pay more later. Agreeing to base rent increases on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is one way to protect yourself from unfair or unexpected escalations.

#2 Are there any limitations how how you can use the space?

One thing to distinguish early on is exactly how much of this space you can actually use, since usable square footage is different and notably smaller than rentable square footage. Additionally, leases often include a list of the activities the landlord allows in the space. You might not think much of this if your business only has a single purpose at the moment, but it is to your benefit to request “all illegal uses” in your lease in case you want to expand to other activities as new opportunities arise.

#3 What extra costs are included in your lease?

Just because the rental rate is low does not mean you won’t end up paying a significant amount of money each month. Be aware that your lease could hold you responsible for other costs, including security, utilities, maintenance, repairs, and a variety of other services. The best way to handle this is to try to negotiate caps on the amount you have to pay for any of these extras. Another expense you should address is the cost of making any improvements to the space. Talk to your landlord about what you have permission to do and how the cost of this work will be divided between you.

#4 Do you have first rights to another space in the property?

This can be useful if you have an eye on a better spot in the building or think you might need additional space someday. “First refusal” or “First offer” rights mean that the landlord has to offer you a space and give you the opportunity to accept or reject it before opening it up to a new tenant.

#5 What happens if you need to share the space?

Talk to your landlord about assignment for subleasing options in the event that your business is not doing as well as you hoped and needs to rent out some of your space to another tenant to stay profitable. Make sure you clearly spell out with your landlord what their policy is in regards to subleasing or sharing a space. Be careful of very strict leases that treat a change in leadership in your company or even additional investors as assigning or subleasing the office space.

While you might not get everything you want in a lease, it is important to at least address these issues and consider looking at other spaces if a landlord is particularly inflexible.

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3 Clauses in an Office Space Lease in Overland Park to Protect Your Business

If you are a new business, it is particularly important to really consider ways to protect yourself when you enter a commercial real estate lease. There are several different clauses you can build into your lease to do this, and here are three of the most common ones, as outlined in the article “How to Find & Lease Retail Space”:

#1 Exclusivity Clause

This clause prohibits the landlord from leasing a nearby space in the property to one of your direct competitors.

#2 Co-Tenancy Clause

This clause protects your business in the event that an anchor tenant leaves the property. An anchor tenant is a business that brings in a lot of customer traffic for other businesses in the property. If an anchor tenant leaves, the co-tenancy clause requires the landlord to replace them within a certain period of time, or else allow you to break your lease without penalty.

#3 Sublease Clause

In the event that your business has to leave the space before your lease term is up, the sublease clause allows you to rent the space to another business, which protects you from penalties associated with breaking a lease.

Think about the best ways to protect your business in various situations as you are negotiating your lease, and consider consulting a broker or an attorney for more advice on negotiating for these kinds of clauses.

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Spring Cleaning Your Technology in Your Office Space in Kansas City

When you’re thinking about “spring cleaning” this year, remember that this can also extend to your technology in your office! Here are a few suggestions for how to overhaul your office technology this spring, as suggested in the article “Spring Cleaning Your Office”:

  • If your laptops have become outdated, consider switching to tablets to increase mobility and save space.
  • If you cannot get rid of a laptop or desktop, consider investing in an ergonomic keyboard to alleviate wrist strain when typing.
  • Go green with your outdated technology by recycling the items you no longer need, such as ink cartridges, monitors, and printers.
  • Literally clean up your technology by wiping down all of the surfaces and blowing the dust out of keyboards and cracks.
  • Clean up your desktop itself by getting rid of apps you no longer need. You might also consider making sure that everything is backed up and have a recovery plan in place.

Don’t forget about your technology – cleaning, updating, and even recycling it – as you do your spring cleaning this year!

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4 Reasons to Quit Sitting in Your Office Space in Kansas

The health community has been abuzz with the news that sitting poses one of the biggest threats to a person’s health over their lifetime. Sitting not only causes short term problems, such as back soreness, but can also take years off of a person’s life and counteract productivity – and small business owners who are already experiencing the stress of working round the clock to get things off the ground cannot afford threats to health and productivity. Here are a few reasons to start doing a little more standing in your office, as suggested in the article “5 Reasons to Get Off Your Butt at Work”:

#1 Reduce Risk of Disease

You might be thinking to yourself that you hit the gym on a regular basis, so this health concern is unnecessary for you – but that is incorrect. Studies have shown that even people who exercise regularly cannot fight off the damage done by prolonged sitting. Some of the diseases connected to extended sitting over a lifetime include obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, with a correlation between people who experience chronic illnesses and report long periods of sitting during their days.

#2 Back Pain

One of the most immediate and apparent side effects of sitting is back pain, since sitting puts a strain on the natural alignment of the back. There are some tools to aid with this problem, such as quality chairs or special pillows, but even with these it is difficult to maintain good posture.

#3 Increase Productivity

It is a well known fact that brief work breaks can improve a person’s overall productivity by allowing their focus and concentration to reset. Taking occasional breaks – particularly standing ones, can help relieve both the strain of working hard and the toll on your body.

#4 Boost Your Mood

Any kind of exercise is a natural mood enhancer, so combining breaks with a little exercise – a brief walk around the office or even outside during lunch – can really help improve the quality of your workday and your health.

Consider implementing a few changes throughout your workday to ease the physical and mental stress of sitting at a desk for too long. Challenge yourself to work at a high table while standing, or at least give yourself a break to stretch and walk around every hour!

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3 Aspects to Understand About Renewal Options for an Overland Park Office Space

The process of creating an option to renew begins in lease negotiations. Landlords don’t always want to grant these provisions to a tenant because it limits their options down the line. However, most tenants demand this option, so it is fairly common in leases. The renewal clause determines when the tenant can ask for renewal, the length of the renewal period, and either the rental rate or the way that rate will be determined for the renewal period. Here are a few parts of the renewal option to be aware of as you negotiate your lease, as suggested in the article “Negotiating the Renewal Option”:

  • Notice date – renewal clauses usually require tenants to notify their landlord that they want to renew their lease within a specified period of time, usually a year to several months before the end of the lease. As a tenant, try to negotiate to make this period as long as possible, which will give you time to evaluate all of your options and make the best decision.
  • Rental rate – sometimes the renewal clause will actually state the renewal rental rate, but more often just the formula for this rate is stipulated and will be according to fair market value.
  • Term – the renewal clause also typically states the length of the renewal term. When you’re negotiating your lease, try to ask for several different potential options for lengths of the renewal term so you have some room to choose when the time comes.
  • Fair market value – if your rental rate is going to be based on fair market value, It is important to clearly define fair market value. Your goal is to make this interpretation as detailed as possible to avoid leaving it up to the landlord’s discretion at the time of renewal. There are a lot of aspects of this to discuss; one of the important things to ask for is a cap on the renewal rental rate. Also consider including a provision that determines that a third-party arbitrator will be consulted in the event of a disagreement.

Be sure to thoroughly consider your renewal option as you negotiate your initial lease. Make this clause as clear and detailed as possible to avoid complications and disagreements when it comes time to renew. It might be worthwhile to solicit expert advice to make sure this aspect of the lease is fair and favorable.

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5 Tips for Upping Productivity at Your Office Space in Kansas

Sometimes the key to getting more work done is not putting in more hours, but working smarter.  Here are a few tips for making the most of your workday so that you can get more done and still enjoy your personal time, as suggested in the article “5 Ways To Be More Productive”:

1.Turn back the alarm clock. This can be hard to do as the days get shorter and the mornings get darker, but it is one of the easiest ways to get more done.  Try to get up just 30 minutes earlier, then try an hour if you can.  This will add a total of 5 hours to your workweek without requiring you to stay at the office late.  You might use that time simply to check emails, exercise, or get the kids ready for school, but regardless of what you do it will take the frantic edge off of busy days.

2.Block out distractions. In this age of technology, it is so tempting to constantly be checking texts, social media updates, online news stories, and more.  But one step towards higher productivity is making the conscious decision to turn everything off for a little while.  You can schedule small breaks for yourself for these activities if need be, or try noise cancelling headphones to help block out the day-to-day sounds of the office for a while.

3.Have the supplies you need. Make sure that your work area is properly equipped with everything you need to do your work efficiently.  Maybe it is time to restock on pens or paper clips, to get an external hard drive so that your computer isn’t so full, or maybe just untangle all of the cords that seem to knot themselves together under a desk.

4.Make to-do lists. It seems like an obvious tip, but so few people do it, which means that they either forget things all of the time or have remarkable memories. Whether it is on a sticky note or in a planner, try to keep a to-do list for yourself that includes both immediate daily tasks and overall weekly tasks.

5.Give yourself a break. It is important to occasionally take a break in order to sustain focus for a long day of work.  Studies suggest that short and intense work sessions are actually more productive then working at something for a long period of time.  Try to work for 90 minutes straight without any breaks or distractions, then walk away from work completely for a little while—have a snack, a cup of coffee, or even try to get a little workout in if you can.  You’ll come back to your desk fresh and ready to work again.

If you are feeling like you are constantly behind and unfocused, try out a few of these tips for making better use of your time!

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What is the Difference Between a Triple Net and Full-Service Lease for an Office Space in Kansas?

There are a few different types of leases, but two very common leases are the triple net lease (NNN) and the full-service lease (gross lease).  Here is some information about each type, as outlined in the article “The Difference Between Triple Net and Full-service Leases”:

Triple Net (NNN) Lease

In a triple net lease, the tenant pays for three primary net expenses: insurance, taxes, and maintenance.  Base rental rates for these leases are usually low, but the unpredictable costs of net expenses can be risky.  For instance, repair expenses for the building are divided between all tenants, and these kinds of expenses can be difficult to predict and vary majorly from year to year.

Full-Service (Gross) Lease

In a full-service lease, these basic net expenses are included in the rental rate.  As a result, rent is higher, but tenants can more easily budget because they know exactly what the rent will be each month.

There are pros and cons to each type of lease, and it is hard to say which lease is more cost efficient.  The key is to determine if your business would rather risk unpredicted costs for an overall lower rent, or pay more but have a stable budget.

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Technology Tips for Business Inside and Outside Your Office Space in Kansas City

Trying to keep up with the latest technology in your office space? Technology can be both a way to improve your business and a potential obstacle to performance. It is important to not only know what technology is available to your business, but how to maximize the ways you can use it. Here are a few things to consider in order to asses whether or not your business is using technology as wisely as possible, as outlined in the article “Stay Connected”:

#1 Smartphones

If you and your employees have smartphones, make sure you are using them to their full potential. This means more than just internet access, emailing, calling, and texting. Use the calendar app to sync contacts and commitments from email and social media. Look into apps that can help you send invoices and receive payments. There are apps out there for a variety of different things to help your business stay organized, mobile, and customer friendly. Make sure that you are fully aware of what your smartphone could do for your business.

#2 Cloud Storage

This program allows you to access documents from any computer wherever you are. You can do this through iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, or other programs that allow you and your employees to share documents from anywhere. One of the benefits of using these online documents is that you can even have employees working on the same document simultaneously from different places. Cloud storage is also a great way to store documents without taking up space in your office with file cabinets or big servers.

#3 Tethering

If you know you need internet access on the go and don’t want to rely on finding accessible Wi-Fi in places, learn how to turn your cell phone into a modem or “hot spot” for internet on other devices, such as your laptop. This way you can connect to the internet to do work from anywhere—whether it is in a park on the weekend or an airport waiting for a flight.

#4 Skype and FaceTime

These apps allow you to call or video chat employees and clients from anywhere in the world, as long as you have Wi-Fi. This can facilitate interviews and meetings from all different places around the world, and allows you to actually see the person you are talking to, making it easy to present a product or interpret someone’s reaction.

#5 Messaging Apps

There are several web based instant messaging apps available, including Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Voxer. These are alternative ways to connect with people besides texting; these apps work if you are on Wi-Fi or using cell phone data. You can also use these apps for group messaging, eliminating any inconsistencies in carriers or phones that might make texting difficult.

Remember that just because you and your employees can work anywhere does not mean you should work anywhere. Just because speedy responses are possible does not mean that you want to set up the expectation that you can be contacted at any time. Learn to turn off and set limits for yourself, whether you are working from an office or at home. Take advantage of the flexibility technology offers, but always strive for a healthy balance between your personal and work life.

Look into the technology your business uses and see if you are using it as effectively and efficiently as possible—technology can be a great way to streamline your business and increase productivity without creating more work for yourself!

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5 Tips For Successful Office Rental Space In Overland Park Negotiations

The importance of lease negotiations cannot be understated.  The terms you agree to will shape the finances, operation, and growth of your business.  Here are a few suggestions for how be the best possible negotiator, as suggested in the article “Develop Negotiating Skills”:

  • Don’t be afraid to discuss – remember that negotiations are a normal and healthy business practice, so do not feel like you are overstepping bounds by wanting to discuss further the lease your landlord first gives you.
  • Avoid Greed – It is not about how much you can get, but how you can help your business be healthy and thrive.
  • Collaboration – view negotiations as a chance to work together with the other side to achieve a win-win deal.
  • Practice – as with all things, your negotiating skills will improve with practice.
  • Go for it! – You will miss all of the opportunities you do not pursue, so aim for the best deal possible and see what you come out with.

A combination of boldness and flexibility is the best possible recipe for getting a great lease for your business!

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3 Things to Use to Your Advantage in Negotiations for an Office Space Lease in Overland Park

Even if you have never negotiated a lease before, you can still go into the process prepared to fight for the best deal possible. Here are three things that you can make work to your advantage in negotiations with a landlord, as suggested in the article “Office Space Leasing Tips”:

#1 Research

Enter negotiations armed with plenty of information about the real estate market. Most building owners you will be approaching deal with real estate on an everyday basis, so be prepared for them to know more than you. Close this gap by doing plenty of research, or hiring a commercial real estate broker or attorney to help.

#2 Time

Start looking for space as early as possible. Keeping an eye on landlords’ vacancies can give you a lot of information about how desperately they need to lease a space. You also want to pursue multiple properties, rather than getting wrapped up in one, just in case that deal falls through.

#3 Financial Status

If you are coming from a strong financial position, you have some power in negotiations, as landlords are looking for tenants who have good credit. Have plenty of documentation of your good financial standing prepared in advance to show to the landlord in order to make a strong impression.

Be aware of the leverage you have in negotiations and do not be afraid to use it!

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