Leukemia Fundraiser Golf Tournament Near Southcreek Office Park

Join the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Woody Financial Group for the first annual golf tournament, dinner, and concert by “Four Fried Chickens and a Coke” to raise money to help fight blood cancers!  Here is some more information on this upcoming event:

Date: Friday, June 21, 2013

Where: Deer Creek Golf Course, 7000 W. 133rd St. Overland Park, KS

Shot Gun Start at 1:30 pm
Silent Auction 1:30 – 7:30
Cocktail Hour 6:00 – 7:00
Dinner served 6:30
Band will play from 7:00 – 9:00

$150 pp for ALL events
$125 pp for just golf
$50 pp for dinner/concert

Registration Deadline: Friday, June 7, 2013

Please make Checks Payable to:
Woody Financial Group
Mail payments to:
The Woody Financial Group
Attn: Sue Howard
7311 W 130th Suite 130
Overland Park, KS 66213

All proceeds to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, so register your team soon to enjoy a fun summer day and benefit a great cause!

If you are looking for executive office rental in Overland Park, give us a call at 913-685-4100 to find out more about the opportunities the Overland Park area offers your business, such as access to banks, hotels, restaurants and more.  Give us a call today and find out about our available commercial space for lease in Overland Park!


Paperwork Tips for Before You Move to a New Kansas City Office Space

There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of when re-locating your business to a new state: selecting a new location, understanding local market, writing business plans, and more.  However, with proper planning, you can minimize the stress of this process.  Here are some tips on how to deal with paperwork that might make at least some aspects of the moving process go more smoothly:

  • If you are a sole proprietor, the main thing you will need to do is file a “doing business as” name registration in your new state, which you can easily find directions for online.
  • If you are relocating as a corporation, you have a few different options for handling registration paperwork:
  • Keep your registration as a corporation in your previous state, and also register as a foreign or outside corporation in the new state.  However, this can be an expensive option because you might have to pay fees in both states.
  • Dissolve your corporation status in your former state and establish a corporation in your new state.  However, this option might have an effect on employee benefits or have expensive tax consequences.
  • Establish your corporation in the new state, and then merge your old corporation with it.  This option will eliminate the need to pay fees in both states, and can allow for tax-free reorganization.

Understanding your options and what is required of you—and maybe even talking to a lawyer—when it comes to this kind of paper work can help your business transition more easily to a new state.

If you are looking into executive office rental in Overland Park, give us a call at 913-685-4100 to find out more about our available office rental space in Overland Park.


iEats Opening and Discount Near Southcreek Office Park

Tired of having lunch at the same places every day?  iEats invites you to come try something new for the New Year!  iEats is a small Asian Café just north of Noodle Company at 135th and Metcalf.  They aim for fresh, high-quality Pan Asian food at affordable prices prepared and served by a friendly staff.

Discount: Bring in the coupon found in the March issue of What’s Up at the Creek?, and buy one entrée and get a second one of equal or lesser value FREE with the purchase of two beverages.  Coupon expires 4/15/13.

Location: 13366 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS 66213

Menu Items: Some of the items on the iEats menu include Shrimp Hand Rolls, Crispy Tofu, Sweet Glazed Fish, Boba Tea, Shrimp Phad Thai, and more!

Contact: (913) 851-5836

So change up your typical lunch routine and save some money at iEats this month!

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Types of Commercial Realty in Overland Park Leases

There are several different types of commercial real estate leases, which are used in different contexts and involve different types of rent.  These types of commercial leases can be overlapping.  The category distinctions are not as important as paying attention to how the rents and other fees are calculated for each type of lease.  Here is a list of different types of leases with a little information about each:

  1. Percentage Lease – base rent + percentage of monthly sales.  This type of lease is most often used in retail businesses or malls.
  2. Net Lease – in addition to rent, tenants pay part of or all of the insurance, taxes, or maintenance costs.  This is often used in any commercial lease, and it usually favors the landlord’s interests.
  3. Double Net Lease – rent + taxes and insurance.  This is also most commonly used in any commercial lease and usually favors the interests of the landlord.
  4. Triple Net Lease – rent + taxes, maintenance, AND insurance.  This can be used in any commercial lease and typically favors the landlord’s interests.
  5. Fully Serviced Lease (Gross Lease) – landlord pays most or all of the usual costs, which are often passed on to the tenant in their rent in the form of a “Load Factor.”

Be sure to know what kind of lease you are being offered and what that will mean for your rent!

If you are looking into executive office rental in Overland Park, give a Southcreek commercial real estate broker in Overland Park a call at 913-685-4100 to find out about our available office spaces for lease!


10 Things To Do Before Signing a Small Office Lease in Kansas City: Part III

Here are some final tips to think about before signing a lease for your new executive office rental in Overland Park:

8.    Find out if the lease is assignable.  If you find yourself in a position where you need to sell your business, location could be a major part of its sale value.  You will want to check whether or not the landlord has the right to terminate the lease in the event that you sell your business and ask for an assignment, because terminating the lease could kill your sale.  See what you can do to eliminate or modify this clause, but understand that your landlord will still want to retain the right to reject the assignment if the buyer is financially unacceptable.
9.    Plan to provide a guarantee.  Most landlords these days will want you to personally guarantee your lease, but these guarantees are negotiable.  Ask to provide that you are only required to guaranty for a portion of your lease term, or see if you can get a guarantee that only last 6 months to a year after the termination of your lease, rather than the rest of the lease term.
10.    Be realistic.  Understand that landlords are going to be more or less likely to negotiate with you depending on what percentage of their larger property you are renting.  Perhaps consider hiring a lawyer to help you best understand what is worth negotiating for so you can best pick your battles.

Remember that finalizing a lease requires a lot of careful—and sometimes tedious—double-checking and negotiating if you want to set your business up for success in a new space!

Give a commercial real estate broker in Overland Park a call at 913-685-4100 to learn more about our available spaces!


Renewal Leases for Executive Office Rental in Overland Park

commercial real estate broker in Overland ParkRenewal clauses are an important part of lease negotiation, but you may not know what exactly these clauses involve or how your landlord might be approaching them.  Here is a little information that might help you better understand negotiating renewal clauses for your office space lease in Overland Park:

What your landlord is thinking:
Usually landlords and leasing agents want you to sign a long-term lease—one that extends over several years.  This guarantees them a flow of consistant income and means that they do not have to go through the hassle and financial stress of having to re-lease the space every few years.

Renewal clauses:
A long term least might not be the best option for your business if you are growing and do not want to get stuck in a five or 10 year lease.  Your best bet might be to consider a short-term lease with option to renew.  A renewal clause in a lease gives you the power to decide once your initial lease term expires whether you want to extend the lease or not.  For instance, instead of signing a fixed 10-year lease, you could negotiate for a two-year lease with four two-year renewal options.

How to negotiate renewal options:
The ideal renewal situation is negotiating a series of predetermined raises in rent for each new renewal term.  If you do not settle on predetermined increases, your landlord could raise your rent in accordance with fair-market rates, which could mean some potentially large and unforeseen rent increases—in particular if your business is renting in an area where commercial office space is in high demand.

Understanding how the length of a lease could affect your business and your landlord’s agenda when dealing with lease lengths can help you be prepared to negotiate the best lease and renewal options for your business!

Want to discuss the lengths of leases for a Southcreek Office Park space?  Give a DDI commercial real estate broker in Overland Park a call at 913-685-4100!


Financing Sources for Commercial Realty in Kansas City

Businesses can look to a few different types of sources to fund their executive office rental in Overland Park: mortgage banking firms, regional banks, savings and loan institutions, private investors, and insurance companies.  Financing for commercial real estate can involve very different terms, and the way deals are formulated is based on a few different factors:

  • Anticipated property use
  • Expected returns from the property
  • Type of real estate
  • Geography
  • Size of the real estate
  • Market risk conditions
  • Possible risk to the lender

A business owner should examine each of these areas carefully before looking for commercial real estate financing. It is also important to look at the different types of loans offered by different financial sources to see how they match up to your business’s needs and potential growth.  Commercial real estate loans are different than residential real estate loans, in which the transaction is only based on the value of the property at the time of the sale—commercial real estate financing is partially based on the future value of your business.  Knowing the different potential sources for office rental space in Overland Park funding as well as being familiar with the factors that go into structuring these deals can help you make an informed decision about how best to finance your acquisition of commercial rental property.

If you would like to learn more about available commercial real estate in the Overland Park area, give us a call at 913-685-4100!


Massage Special with Southcreek Overland Park

Still looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day?  Or a gift for a graduate or end of final exams reward?  Check out Southcreek Office Park’s May discount at Salon Mission and Day Spa and treat your loved one to a massage this spring!  For the month of May 2012 you can purchase a 90-minute massage with hot stones for only $90 (the regular price is $110)!

You can purchase gift cards in any amount by visiting Salon Mission and Day Spa or giving them a call!  Here is some more information about Salon Mission:

Salon Mission and Day Spa
3791 W. 95th St. (located in the Ranch Mart Shopping Center)
Overland Park, KS 66206

Contact Information:
Gabriella “Gabby” Mendez LMT NCTMB
Phone – 816-217-5930
Email – gabbym42@gmail.com or gabriellamendez.massagetherapy.com

This offer lasts through the month of May, so be sure to take advantage of this $20 discount—for yourself or for a gift for someone special—while you can!  For more information on this and other discounts, feel free to check out our May newsletter.

Choosing executive office rental in Overland Park with Southcreek Office Park means access to these and other great offers.  To find out more about the benefits of renting with Southcreek, give one of our commercial real estate brokers in Overland Park, Elaine Sight or Kathy Woodward, a call at 913-685-4100!


Commercial Space for Rent in Overland Park

If you are looking for executive office rental in Overland Park, Southcreek Office Park has space available to meet your needs in June 2012!  We are offering 25,812 square feet of office space on both the first and second floors of our Southcreek Building VII at 7415 W. 130th St., Overland Park, Kansas.  This three-story office building was built in 1998. It has three floors and 53,445 square feet total and is the perfect leasing option for businesses looking for office space in southern Johnson County.  To find out more about the many resources you will have access to in this area, visit our website for a description of the many services and amenities in the Johnson county area.

Consider some of the benefits of renting this space:  

  • Floor plan included
  • Exterior Signage Available
  • $18.00 starting rate on a 5-year lease
  • Dual fiber entry
  • Private offices with plenty of open area

So come design your ideal office space!  Our experienced staff can help you identify your needs and find or reconfigure a space to meet those needs.  To find out more about this available space  take a tour, feel free to contact one of our commercial real estate brokers in Kansas City, or visit our website:

Brokers: Elaine Sight and Kathy Woodward, SIOR
7200 West 132nd Street
Suite 300
Overland Park, KS 66213
P: 913.685.4100
F: 913.685.1232

Let us know how we can help you find what you are looking for!


Deer Creek Valentine’s Day Dinner near DDI Commercial Overland Park

If you don’t feel like cooking this Valentine’s Day but still want a deliciously prepared dinner, check out the Deer Creek Valentine’s Day dinner!

Deer Creek Golf Club, located at 7000 W. 133rd St. near Southcreek Office Park’s executive office rental in Overland Park,  offers special events such as Monthly Dinner & Wine Tastings, Thanksgiving Dinner ‘To Go’, Easter Brunch, Mother’s Day Brunch, and this Valentine’s Day dinner in addition to their beautiful and challenging golf course.

The dinner will be available on Tuesday February 14 from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm.  The menu is delectable and extensive: main dishes consist of a prime rib carving station, artichoke and sun dried tomato stuffed chicken, and crab legs.  Side dishes include roasted garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, assorted salads, and rolls & butter.  You can finish your meal with your choice from an assortment of deserts, and chocolate covered strawberries and champagne are also available.  The price is $25.00 per person, plus gratuity, and reservations are required.  For more information, email: Shari Huerter at shuerter [at] eaglegolf.com , or call: 913-681-3100 Ext 227.  Call and make a reservation and enjoy a cooking-free Valentine’s Day dinner close to your office!

If need help with your commercial property search in Overland Park, call and talk to a broker with DDI Commercial to learn more about the opportunities the community surrounding Southcreek Office Park offers to enhance your office experience 913-685-4100.