Moving to an Office Space for Rent in Overland Park: A Guide to an Organized Relocation

Moving a business of any size to a new office space for rent in Overland Park is a pretty daunting task, and should be broken down into manageable steps to keep your business running smoothly throughout the relocation. Here are a few different aspects of moving to prepare for, as suggested in the article “Office Relocation: 9 Must-Know Tips for a Smooth Move”:

Organizing for a Move to an Office Park in Kansas

Before you even reach the packing stage, there are a lot of logistical details to organize. Ideally, you want to start the planning process for a move 4-6 months ahead of time in order to prevent the process from becoming overwhelming. Here are a few things that you should take care of well in advance for a smooth move.

  • Plan the layout of the new space. Once you’ve settled on a new space, create a detailed map of what your layout will be and make it available to everyone. This will help you figure out exactly where all of your equipment and furniture will go, as well as whether you will need to leave behind or order more of anything. This also helps your employees visualize and plan out what their own spaces will look like.
  • Coordinate technical logistics with IT. Your IT team will also need a few months of advanced notice to figure out how to transfer not only equipment, but things like internet and phone services. They can also check out your new space and decide if upgrades are necessary. Getting this sorted out in advance is crucial to making sure your business can hit the ground running as soon as you move into the new space.
  • Order new equipment ahead of time. After you have determined the layout of your space and any IT needs, start ordering any new equipment 1-2 months ahead of time, so that anything you need will be waiting for you when you arrive. You also want to make sure that your orders can arrive at your new office just before you do – if you send them to your old office, you will be paying for shipping twice!
  • Hire movers early. Once you have figured out exactly what equipment and furniture will be going to the new office, you will want to hire your moving company 1-3 months in advance. This way you can get a full estimate to budget for the cost. You also want to make sure to work with movers who have experience with commercial office moving in order to ensure that expensive equipment arrives intact, so it might be worthwhile to ask around for some referrals.
  • Labeling – Once you are closer to moving day, start thinking about how you are going to organize the moving process. If you are a bigger company with lots of departments, develop some sort of system (i.e. color coding) designate the different areas where movers should put according to the layout plan you have. Smaller companies can do the same thing and just have employees put their names on the outsides of boxes in multiple places. This will ensure that boxes end up in the areas where they need to be without the chaos of trying to direct movers on moving day.


The actual act of putting things in boxes can be daunting, so here are some tips from a professional moving company for how to pack different items in your office, as suggested int he article “Packing for an office move”:

  • Shelves – Pack the contents of any shelves or bookcases separately, then take them apart, label the big parts, and leave them laid out on the floor. Put any pegs into a labelled envelope and pack them separately in a box.
  • Computers – Disconnect all cables and lock your disk drive if you can. Some moving companies might provide pouches for you to put your keyboard, cables, and mouse into, which you can then label with a label that corresponds to monitors, printers, etc.
  • Office Equipment – Detach anything that can be detached, such as sorting machines, and remove toner cartridges from printers/copiers. Make sure whomever is servicing and packing these machines is experienced or qualified to do so in order to avoid costly equipment damage.
  • Storage Cabinets – Take all of the supplies out of storage cabinets and pack these separately.
  • Filing Cabinets – Both vertical and horizontal filing cabinets can typically be packed with all of their contents inside, but make sure that they are securely locked. If the locks don’t work, wrap the lock button with plenty of tape to make sure it doesn’t pop open during the move. One possible exception to file cabinet moving is wood filing cabinets – if your office has these, check with your moving company to see if they recommend removing the drawers and packing those separately.
  • Hanging Decorations – Large things hanging on the walls like pictures and maps can often just be labelled and left there for the moving company to move in padded bins or special frames (double check that your moving company offers this service). Smaller framed pictures or other items can be packed and put in a box labeled “Fragile.”
  • Personal Items – Anything personal or valuable should be packed with you, including small desk deco ratings like plants, diplomas, artwork, or removable disk drives.

Besides packing, you should also make sure that by the day the moving company comes, you have already deep cleaned the office and gotten rid of any unwanted items – donate old furniture, shred old papers, etc. It is also helpful if you empty out all wastebaskets, as well as provide your moving company with a clear diagram of your new space so they can make sure the labelled/coded items end up in the right place.

Moving requires some serious coordination, but it doesn’t need to affect the bottom line of your business if you approach it in a timely, organized way.

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Executive Office Overland Park Rental Tips

Thinking about leasing executive suites in Overland Park?  Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you negotiate a lease:

Limit Rent Increases based on the CPI
Sometimes a landlord will insist on yearly rent increases corresponding with the percentage increases of the CPI—Consumer Price Index.  If you run into this request, you can try to do two things.  If possible, try to negotiate so that the increase does not start for at least two years.  Also, see if you can determine a cap on the amount of each annual increase (i.e. no more than a 3% increase in any year).
Get a Broad Permitted Use Clause
If your landlord insists on a permitted use clause, at least try to make it as broad as possible, regardless of how broad your intended purpose is at the time.  In the event that your business grows and changes, you will want that flexibility to be able to use your rental space in any legal, reasonable manner.

Don’t Let Your Lease Limit Improvements
Typically, standard leases state that tenants can only make improvements or alterations with the landlord’s consent.  These provisions are usually too restrictive, so you should try to negotiate some changes.  For instance, you might try to obtain the right to make changes costing less than $2500 or non-structural changes without having to get your landlord’s consent.

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Office Space for Rent in Kansas City

Here are a few basic questions to consider if you are thinking about relocating your business to some office space for rent in Kansas City:

Why look?  Sometimes an important factor in choosing to find a new office space is location.  Unless you are running your small business from home, evaluating the location of your business, analyzing your current lease, or even thinking about buying real estate are all things you might want to want to consider as you try to forge the best possible future for your business.

Why rent? A lot of small businesses looking to relocate steer clear of buying because purchasing real estate  requires a large cash outlay (usually about 15-25% of the purchase price).  A lot of business owners would prefer to put that amount of money into their actual business rather than the space they occupy.

Where to start?  Researching rental costs to get an idea of the average cost per-square-foot in the area you want is a good first step in the process.  There are several other factors to consider, including types of rent, the growth of your business, common area maintenance, etc.  Finding a lawyer to help negotiate might be another helpful step.

When to commit? A good bottom line to remember is that if the terms of the lease dictated by the landlord do not make it possible to run your business profitably, then it is time to renegotiate, find a new location, or even consider whether finding a new space is right for your business at the time.

This is just a brief overview of basic questions associated with relocating your business; the steps in finding Overland Park office space for lease are more involved than just this, but an overview can be a helpful tool as you consider your options.

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Executive Office Suites in Overland Park, KS

Finding the executive suites in Overland Park that will best serve your businesses needs involves some research and consideration.  Some factors to think about discussed in a previous post include anticipation of your business’s growth, common area maintenance charges, and types of rent.  Here are a few more to think about:

  1. Tenant Repairs and Improvements.  Who is responsible for making repairs—the landlord or you?  Find out during negotiations.  You also might want to ask about what kind of improvements, including signage, you are allowed to make or not make.
  2. Renting and Subletting.  If you do think you will use all of the space available, you might want to ask the landlord if it is possible for you to sublet that extra space, and what the specific terms of that action might be.
  3. Competing businesses.  Some leases in certain locations include a clause that states that the landlord cannot rent space to similar businesses or your direct competitors within a specific distance of where you are located.  Ask about this clause during negotiations if you think this might be an issue for your business.
  4. Parking and Access.  If you will be having customers or clients frequent your business space, you might want to make sure they will have adequate and convenient parking space.

Knowing and planning out every detail of what you want in your executive office in Overland Park can help you navigate negotiations more successfully and smoothly.

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Office Space for Lease in Overland Park

If you have decided that working with a commercial realtor to find office space for lease in Overland Park is in your company’s best interests, the next step is to find a realtor that will best represent your goals.  Here are a few characteristics of a good realtor that you might want to consider as you decide who to work with:

  1. Full-Time.  There are both full-time and part-time professionals out there, but the downside of choosing a part-time realtor who only works a few days a week or on weekends is missing out on several opportunities.
  2. Experienced.  Find out about the background of realtors you are considering.  How many transactions do they typically handle per year?  A more experienced realtor will help make your transactions run smoother.
  3. Trustworthy and Likeable.  Since you will be forming a business relationship with this person, you want someone who is easy for you to talk to, understands your business’s needs, and is confident and trustworthy.
  4. Internet Savvy.  Like most businesses, commercial real estate rental has become more and more dependent on the internet.  The internet allows you to find properties faster, so be sure to pick a realtor who knows their way around the Web.
  5. Agrees to an “Out Clause.”  You do not want to get stuck in a long contract with an agent that you are not getting along with.  Maybe they impressed you in their interview or came with good credentials, but it is possible for relationships to go bad, so including an “out clause” in the contract could come in handy.

If you need an agent to help you in your search for Overland Park office space for lease, be sure that they are someone who you are going to be comfortable working with and who is going to best protect the interests of your business.

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Overland Park Office Space for Lease

So you have narrowed down your search for Overland Park office space for lease and you are getting ready to seriously and consider and sign a lease.  Before you go forward, make sure that you fully understand all of the details of what you are signing.  Here are a few topics that you might want to discuss with a commercial real estate agent or a potential landlord before committing to a lease:

  1. Cost.  A real estate agent or some careful research on your part can help you find out what the average lease costs in your area for a basis of comparison.  Remember that areas that are high-traffic or more desirable for various reasons will cost more than areas that are less desirable.  Be sure to find out not only what the cost per square foot is, but also other costs included in the final price, such as common area maintenance, property taxes, utilities, property insurance, or trash collection.  You might also want to inquire about what the space itself includes—the “shell” (walls and concrete floors), or more than that?
  2. Traffic.  Is your business one that relies heavily on foot traffic, as in the case of retail or restaurants?  If so, you might want to ask about the traffic numbers in the property area you are considering.  A business that is a destination will need to make sure the property has ample and convenient parking for customers.  A good commercial real estate agent should be able to provide you with demographics, car counts, and any other necessary information.

These are just a few things to investigate before signing a lease to make sure you are getting the best deal on office space in Overland Park KS for your business (check out the next post for more)!

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