4 Ways Going Green Promotes Productivity in an Office Rental Space in Kansas City

It is no secret that the physical features of office space can have a direct impact on employees, specifically improving or hurting their mood and productivity levels. Discomforts such as stuffiness, noise, and depressing lighting can all contribute to workers feeling lethargic in an office space. Here are five ways a more green office can positively impact your work environment, as suggested in the article “Is Your Office a Downer? Five Green Design Secrets of Best Places to Work”:

#1 Bring in the Plants

Studies suggest that human beings connect with living things, including plants, an idea called biophilia. This means that live plants that are clearly in view can help reduce stress, improve creativity, And even based cognitive function among your employees. Having clusters of plants around the office also visually breaks up the space and makes it less monotonous.

#2 Where’s the Sunshine?

A lot of traditional workspaces only allow senior executives to enjoy sunlight in their offices, but sunshine can affect a whole office by making employees happier and even leading to better sleep, which is always good for productivity. If it is not possible for employees to sit by a window, even just taking a walk outside during the day can provide a boost.

#3 Good Air

Another thing that affects productivity is the quality and temperature of the air in an office space. Research suggests that high levels of carbon dioxide and other harmful compounds can make employees sluggish. Studies have shown that increasing ventilation can actually improve employee performance, as can ensuring an office space maintains a comfortable temperature, because too hot or too cold can also adversely affect productivity.

#4 A Balance of Spaces

Noise can also be a type of pollution that negatively affects employees. Well open office plans and more collaborative spaces tend to be great things for employees and also positively affect productivity, it is important that workers also have quiet places to go when they need to work independently. Having a separate spaces for collaboration and quiet work can reduce stress and allow employees to focus more efficiently on their tasks.

Recent research on office environments provide so much valuable insight into worker productivity. Consider implementing some of the simple ways to boost your offices mood and performance!

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