Tips for Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions in Your Office Space in Overland Park, KS

If you plan to make any resolutions this new year, why stop with just your personal life? Try to make a few resolutions for your work life as well – and stick to them. Consider making it your plan as an office to come up with goals for the new year and hold each other accountable to them—a great way to actually execute those yearly hopes. Here are a few tips for making your New Year’s resolutions last, as suggested in the article “7 Tips to Stick To Your New Years Resolutions”:

#1 Write Your Resolutions

In this digital age it might seem easy to just make a note on your phone or or your laptop – or just to not bother recording resolutions at all, but there’s something satisfying about putting pen to paper when making a resolution.  Writing out a list or a goal and being able to check items off gives an actual sense of accomplishment. Scientifically, the things we physically write down tend to stay with us more. So write your resolutions down and then put them in a place where you will see them on a regular basis.

#2 Find Friends

It is important to tell people about your resolutions. One option is to actually pair up with someone in your office or life in general and help each other stick to your resolutions. Another option with so much access to social media is to blog, Tweet, or post on Facebook about your resolutions (without being overly personal or obnoxious). The idea of sharing a resolution gives you an accountability system. It makes you feel more responsible for keeping your resolution because you feel obligated to those individuals, even if they aren’t really a part of the resolution or actively check in with you about it.

#3 Set Small Goals

Set short-term goals for yourself, such as weekly or monthly benchmarks. Give yourself “due dates” periodically, and consider even buying a calendar that specifically focuses on these mile markers. They don’t need to be excessive or unrealistic goals, but breaking the process into manageable time periods can help keep you accountable and encouraged. Consider also setting aside rewards for yourself as you meet these deadlines. Make sure these rewards don’t to run counter to your goals – such as an ice cream binge when you’re trying to lose weight – but still make you feel good and excited about accomplishing something.

#4 Step by Step

Don’t get overwhelmed by how much there is to do between now and the attainment of your future goal. Take things day by day and just focus on achieving your aims for tomorrow. Keep in mind your overall goal throughout your day, but don’t let yourself to dwell on how big your hopes are. Simply keep working away at the daily details.

#5 Don’t Be Your Own Worst Critic

It is easy to beat yourself up or become discouraged if you start to fall behind on your resolutions. But don’t let yourself get lost in your failures. Instead, try to view them as learning experiences to avoid in the future. Too much focus on the negative will not only hurt your productivity, but will bring you and the people around you down.

Whether your goal is to land more clients than the year before, or simply to keep your workspace more organized take a little time to really set your resolutions and outline a plan for pursuing them. Make this year the year that your resolutions extends beyond just the month of January!

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