Examples of Tenant Considerations When Renting Office Space in Kansas City

Many tenants are prepared to sign a landlord’s standard lease without really considering their business’s needs or engaging in serious negotiation.  Here are a few examples of things your business might consider before signing your lease:

  • Landlords sometimes tie increases in rent to the CPI, or Consumer Price Index.  What is the rationale for this and what are some common pitfalls of this clause?
  • Often start-up businesses are planning to incorporate, but have not yet done so when they sign their lease.  What are the ramifications if this occurs?
  • How can 501C businesses seek financial benefit from their non-profit status?
  • Is it better for a tenant if a lease says it will “gross-up” operating expenses or if the “gross-up” is determined as if the building was 95% leased?
  • What are the most common items that careful tenants request to be excluded from the meaning of “operating expense”?
  • The landlord takes care of any future issues that might be harmful to them, but what are the negotiating positions of the tenant?
  • What are some compromise positions in a lease that will protect a tenant from having to pay for necessary services that are not delivered?
  • Does the lease provide for the landlord to be able to relocate a tenant to a “similar” space?  If so, what tenant concerns about this possibility should the lease address?
  • What liability limitations should the tenant seek to include in the lease?

This list represents just a few specific considerations a tenant might keep in mind.  Researching what questions to ask specific to your business can help make you as a tenant more prepared to negotiate a lease.

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