Rent Office Space in Overland Park: 4 Simple Ways to Transform a New Office Space

Early searches and negotiations for an office space for rent in Overland Park have to be about finding a design that accommodates your needs: the amount of square footage, the layout, any build outs you need, parking and accessibility needs, etc. But once all of those decisions are made, how can you take your office space for lease in Overland Park, KS, to the next level – with very little leftover cash to go on?

Making little transformations doesn’t have to break your budget, but this attention to detail can really have a huge impact on employee comfort and morale. Here are a few suggestions for how to spruce up a commercial office space for rent in Overland Park, KS, on a dime, as suggested in the article “Improving Office Space: the Transformation from Blah to Huzzah!”:

#1 Increase comfort through little things.

Little things to improve employee comfort are noticed and appreciated by employees, and this can increase their satisfaction and productivity during the workday. Some ways you can make your office more comfortable include:

  • Furniture & Equipment – Ergonomic furniture and other equipment can improve employees’ health and well-being by reducing back and neck strain, as well as the risk of eye damage or carpal tunnel syndrome. Look for better chairs, ergonomic keyboards and comfortable lighting that employees can adjust – you might even be able to find this secondhand or rent it.
  • Break Room – Pay special attention to your break room. Is there a vending machine? Cold and warm beverages available? Comfortable chairs or couches to make the space an inviting area for recharging?
  • Temperature – A common complaint in offices are areas that are either too hot or absolutely freezing. An ideal situation would be to have different temperature “zones” in different parts of the office so employees can make adjustments to be most comfortable.

Studies have repeatedly shown that a comfortable environment can boost both morale and productivity in an office.

#2 Maximize natural lighting.

This is another element of an office space that has been proven to hugely benefit employee mood. Try to make sure that everyone in your office has access to some natural lighting. If you have an open office plan, situate the workstations near the windows. If window space is limited, try to locate an employee break room or a common work area in a place with windows so employees can go there to soak up some sunlight as needed.

If you are still in the process of designing an office space, look into building in skylights or even a central atrium to spread light around the office. Full-spectrum lights can also imitate the effects of natural light if your access to window space is limited.

#3 Create flexible spaces. 

The office space world has been overhauled in the past few years, moving from cubicles to more open, collaborative spaces – but that doesn’t mean creative chaos works for every employee, and open spaces can end up making a workplace noisy and distracting if it is the only mode of operation.

The ideal situation is to achieve a balance of open spaces for cooperation, along with quiet, private spaces for individual work, promoting both teamwork and tranquility. In addition to designating certain quiet areas, another practical way to do this is to find workstation desks that can easily be moved and rearranged. This makes a space perpetually adaptable to your needs and is an inexpensive way to keep things fresh.

#4 Invest in decoration.

No one wants to stare at corporate white walls and grey cubicle dividers all day, so check out some of these easy ways to spice up the decor in your office without breaking the bank:

  • Color – opt for splashes of bright color here and there to brighten up the typically drab business palate, either through painting an accent wall or looking for bright furniture pieces.
  • Art – some interesting art can give a space a unique touch – for example, an unusual painting by a local artist or a recycled sculpture. This can also be a way to express the values and culture of your company.
  • Nature – bring in some plants! Like sunlight, plants are also proven to boost mood and reduce stress. Some water fountains or other water sculptures can also add a natural element.
  • “Play” features – so many companies are embracing the idea that a little entertainment in a work space is a good way to fuel creativity and and boost energy. Consider adding some Legos to your break area or other whimsical items.
  • Personalization – the cheapest way to decorate is to let employees do it themselves. Give people the chance to decorate their own individual spaces, a practice that has been shown to improve productivity and satisfaction by as much as 30%.

Look for decoration that inspires employees and brightens their day and reap the reward of higher satisfaction and productivity levels.

Small efforts to make a space inviting can be a source of well-being and motivation for employees for years to come. So once you get through the big projects in a new office space, keep in mind the details as you shop for furniture, paint, lighting and other features of your office space.

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