Rent Office Space in Overland Park: 5 Reasons to Leave the Home Office

Rent Office Space in Overland Park: 5 Reasons to Leave the Home Office

Feeling a little cramped at home but not sure you are ready to make the leap to your own office space? Finding your own office space—or part of an office space—might not be as scary as you think, and many small businesses and even freelancers are starting to want the benefits of some kind of office location outside of the home.

There are a variety of different space options for new businesses, ranging from small office space for rent in Overland Park to finding or creating shared space with other businesses. Regardless of what kind of office you are interested in, here are a few reasons why you should say goodbye to the home office and start looking for an office space for lease in Overland Park KS, as described in the article “The New Wave for Entrepreneurs Is Sharing Office Space”:

  1. Freedom from Distractions. Working from home means a lot of freedom, but this comes with a price. Kids home from school, active pets, or the desire to get things done around the home can be problematic distractions. Even removing yourself to a coffee shop or some other public place can mean noise and interruptions not conducive to long periods of focused productivity. An office space provides an environment designed specifically for working, and will save you from the urge to wander to the kitchen and empty the dishwasher mid-email.
  2. Amenities. Renting a space, even a shared one, means that you have access to your own desk, meeting rooms, work stations, a reception area, or whatever your business needs to function more smoothly. Even if you are sharing a space, just having your own desk away from home and a private room to met with clients can be a beneficial new development.
  3. Short Term Lease Opportunities. It might seem like a big commitment to jump into an office space lease, but for new and small businesses there is always the option to sign a lease just for 2-3 years, ideally with the option to renew and expand if your business continues to grow and thrive.
  4. Networking. Moving out of the home office and into an office building gives you more opportunity for interaction with other businesses. This opportunity to meet new businesses and individuals could lead to fruitful collaboration or networking opportunities in the future.

There are so many benefits to having an office space outside of the home, even for small businesses or entrepreneurs. If you are looking to rent office space in Overland Park, start doing some research to find out which spaces best fit your needs, your goals, and your budget.

If your business is interested in commercial office space for rent in Overland Park, KS, give us a call at 913-685-4100 for more information about our available spaces and what amenities are available both in the space and in the local community. You can even set up a tour of a Kansas office space for rent to see for yourself!


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