Renting Commercial Property in Overland Park, KS: How to Become a Successful Negotiator

Figuring out how to research, compare, and rent office space is something of a skill that you can acquire through practice. Negotiations are a major aspects of any renting, selling, or buying situation, and if you are looking to relocate to an office park in Kansas, read through these tips and tricks to make your search for commercial property in Overland Park, Kansas a quick and easy process, as suggested in the articles “Tips for Negotiating a Better Office Lease” and “Rules to Boost Your Negotiating Skills”:

Research. Prepare. Plan.

Try finding information about everything you need, including what the landlord is like, wo is paying your broker’s commission, and who your new office neighbors will be. Gather as much information as you can about other parties who are interested, tax records and past listings of the space.

Start Early Finding Commercial Real Estate in Overland Park, KS

Ideally you want to allow plenty of time to search for your new office space. Make sure that you have enough time to do you homework; that means going over leases, looking at other buildings, and negotiating the terms with your landlord. You should give yourself at least nine to twelve months before your lease term expires.

Ask for Better Provisions and Concessions in Your Lease

Another way to get the best deal when negotiating is to call for a cap on operating costs as well to seek out free perks from your landlord. It’s a good idea to limit an increase in expenses expenses such as cleaning and technical support to 5-10% annually. You might also try to negotiate for storage, extra parking and signage. Don’t be afraid to ask for perks and/or discounts.

Think Big Picture

Always remain objective when negotiating. Do not talk about the terms and conditions of one potential lease with a different landlord if possible. Try to only say that they are interested in renting the property and that you are exploring some other options. This usually helps avoid misunderstandings while still creating competition.

Prepare for the Worst Case Scenario

Understand the best and worst case scenarios when going over different options in a else. Hope that in most cases that the experience will be somewhere in the middle, but you want to protect yourself. Prepare with confidence and this will help create a much calmer negotiation process. Understanding that negotiations don’t need to be a tense, stressed and uncooperative situation helps with understanding your position and possible leverage and how to negotiate well.

Be Respectful During Negotiations and Tenancy

When people realize that you are a person who keeps your word, you have an added edge in your negotiations. Follow through with your promises, show up on time, do what you say you will, and call when you say you will. If you do this, it could set you apart form others in the market place. However, it is also a good idea to avoid personal guarantees or lease provisions that you can’t actually keep. Nothing is worst than being known as someone who can’t keep their promises.

There’s really nothing like negotiating. Practice makes perfect and using all these skills doesn’t make a great negotiator overnight. Keep trying and make sure that you know what you want, and when it is okay to compromise.

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