Simple Steps for Finding a New Kansas City Office Space

Whether you need to move up or downsize, there are several different factors to consider before beginning the search for a new office space and making any final decisions.  Here are a few steps that can help you make this process go more smoothly, as seen in the article Planning for a New Office Space in the New Year:

Create a Needs List

The first step to take is creating a list of your business’s needs—not wants or wishes, but the things you truly cannot compromise on.  This will help you figure out if the type of space you need is even available in the area where you are looking.

One way of managing this process is creating a move team so it is easy to delegate information gathering tasks.  Assign a project leader and set important dates and deadlines with the team.

Space Considerations

Here are a few key questions to help you determine your space needs:

  1. Do you need a lot of general office space—room for people, desks or equipment?
  2. Do you need a space with plenty of conference rooms for client meetings, presentations, or private conferences?
  3. Is parking a major concern?
  4. Are you downsizing and need to redesign your office layout?
  5. Do you need both an office space and warehouse in the same location?

Consider these steps and questions to help determine what your business needs before you start searching and negotiating!

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