Six Steps to Finding the Best Deal on Kansas City Office Space: Part III

Though the economy is less than ideal, this type of market can be excellent for finding good deals on commercial real estate.  The process of finding commercial real estate might be a rare occurrence in the business lifetimes of many companies.  But this does not mean you cannot become a pro.  Here are a few final steps for finding the best deal for your business, as suggested in the article 7 Steps to a Hot Commercial Real Estate Deal:

#5 Study the Area

One great way to assess a piece of commercial property is to study the neighborhood it is located in.  You can do this by talking to other business owners in the area, going to open houses, and looking for vacancies.

#6 Use All Resources

Be adaptable in your search for deals.  Read classified ads, use the internet, and even consider hiring a real estate expert to help you seek out the best deals.

Remember that finding and evaluating commercial real estate is about more than assessing neighborhoods, finding the best listing price, or attracting landlords most willing to make a deal.  The bottom line is being able to communicate, to build good relationships and rapport with landlords so they are willing to work out the best deal with you.

If your business is interested in finding a good deal on a commercial space for lease in Kansas City, give a DDI Commercial real estate broker in Kansas City a call at 913-685-4100!


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