Six Tips for Finding the Best Deal for a Kansas City Office Space: Part II

The commercial real estate market can be difficult to navigate, but you can prepare yourself to become a pro.  Check out these tips for finding the best commercial real estate deals, as seen in the article 7 Steps to a Hot Commercial Real Estate Deal:

#3 Be Ready To Walk

This goes hand in hand with having a plan.  Real estate pros always have an exit strategy—the best deals are ones they know they can walk away from.  Be on the lookout for damages that need repairs, learn to assess risks, and make sure you are always calculating whether a space fits in your budget.

#4 Find the Motivated Landlords

You are not the only one looking for a space; landlords are often looking for tenants.  Your job is to find these landlords, particularly the ones who are ready to lease to you below market value.  The best deals are often accompanied by a motivated seller—someone with a reason to lease to you at a low rate.  Motivated landlords are usually more willing to negotiate.

Bring your business smarts to the table when you start looking for commercial property.  Taking the time to develop a sharp eye and savvy negotiation skills can help save your business money in the long run and ensure you are satisfied in your new commercial space.

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