Some Office Organization Tips For Your Kansas City Office Space

If you office space is a bit messy and you are looking to get organized, here are some tips  from Janet Taylor for tidying up your space and increasing your productivity:

Getting Started:  Begin by clearing off your desktop, wiping it down, and cleaning out all of your drawers to create more storage space.

Set Up:  Only put essentials on your desktop, such as your computer, phone, etc.  Stock up on a variety of containers for office supplies, trays or organizers for papers, and boxes for dated files (which you can color-code for speedy file retrieval).  Color coding can also be helpful for organizing checks if you are using multiple checking accounts.  Use interior file folders to divide larger file folders, and be sure to put the tab in the front of your hanging file folders.

Avoid: Overloading folders—purge if you need to!  Do not overload the drawers themselves either.  Be sure not to let clutter and distractions pile up by clearing your workspace of everything but the project you are currently tackling.

Day to Day: Start your day by creating a master to-do list.  When mail comes in, pre-sort it (file, read, contact).  Return phone calls in batches, leaving a message stating when you called if need be.

Finishing Up: When you complete a project or an event, file or store the paperwork after you organize it. At the end of each day or week straighten up your desk so you can walk into a clear space the next morning.

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