Southcreek Office Park Discount for Couponing Book

Looking to become a smart shopper?  How about starting out by using your Southcreek Office Park discount to buy the book, Couponing for the Beginner: A Guide to Couponing for the Uninitiated?  With shows like Extreme Couponing on TV, couponing is catching on as a great way to save some money.  But going from occasional coupon user to coupon aficionado is no small task.  Couponing for the Beginner has 13 chapters of advice on how to step up your couponing skills:

Chapter 1: Manufacturer and Store Coupons
Chapter 2: Coupon Language
Chapter 3: Coupon Rules and Policies
Chapter 4: Why Coupons Exist
Chapter 5: Where to Get Coupons
Chapter 6: Where to Buy Coupons – Is It Illegal to Buy or Sell Coupons?
Chapter 7: How to Organize Your Coupons
Chapter 8: Where to Use Coupons
Chapter 9: Rewards Programs
Chapter 10: Weekly/Biweekly/Monthly Sales Flyers
Chapter 11: Refunds, Try Me Free, Rebates, Money Back Guarantees
Chapter 12: How to Stack Coupons and Maximize Your Savings
Chapter 13: Your First Trip to Store

You can get this book for only $4.99!  Use the coupon code SOUTHCREEK to get $5 off of the original $9.99 price.  To buy the book  or send an email to info [at] to get a link to where you can order the book.

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