Southcreek Office Park Kansas: Fountain Feature

Southcreek Office Park Kansas: Fountain Feature

Fountain at Office Space

Kansas City has a national reputation for being the “City of Fountains,” boasting more fountains than even Rome. Southcreek Office Park is among many office parks in Kansas proudly contributing to this form of public art through the beautiful fountains on their property.

Recently, the blog “Hunting Fountains in Kansas City,” which is dedicated to finding and cataloging Kansas City’s fountains for the public to enjoy, featured a post about Southcreek’s fountains located at W 130th Street and Foster Street (west of Metcalf).

The twin fountains are located between the two office buildings along a path leading to a pond, and each consists of a round pool and three reddish-brown granite pillars of different heights with small jets of water bubbling out the top, as well as a jet of water in the center of the pool and streams of water arcing into the pool from the rim of the basin.

The path continues past the fountains and down to a pond with two more large fountains in the center, as well as a nearby carving of a large bird with a turtle and two frogs in an old wooden style.

The Hunting Fountains photographer also particularly enjoyed the reflection of the fountains in the glass of Southcreek’s office buildings and took a few photos of those as well. Check out the photos in the post, or visit the building itself to see the original fountains!

If you are interested in Kansas City office space for rent with access to a beautiful pond and  walking path, as well as views of classic Kansas City fountains, give us a call at 913-685-4100 to set up a tour of one of our office spaces for rent in Overland Park, KS!


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