Standard Lease Terms for Commercial Realty in Kansas City

In addition to basic lease terms that address your rent, the duration of your tenancy, and the amount of space that you are renting, here are a few more terms you can expect to see in a commercial lease as suggested in the article, “The Commercial Lease: What You Should Know“:

  • Gross Lease vs. Net Lease – in a gross lease, your rent will cover maintenance expenses, insurance, and property taxes.  In a net lease you will have to pay for each of these items separately.
  • Sign Specifications – your lease will probably include something about signage—where you can put signs and any other specifications that dictate what kind of signs your business can post.
  • Repairs – if the air conditioner breaks down, who is responsible for it—you or the landlord?  Your lease should address who maintains and repairs the premises.
  • Subleasing – you might find yourself in a position in which you do not need all of your space, in which case you might consider subleasing.  Your lease will most likely include a section on assigning or subleasing a space to someone else, so have this possibility in mind when you first take a look at your lease.

Educate yourself on what your commercial lease will most likely include!

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