Starting a New Year Moving to a New Overland Park Office Space

If your business is looking to move into a new space this year, be sure to begin your planning early.  Set up a timeline for yourself to make sure finish all of the things that need to be taken care of in advance.  You will want to start this planning process 4-6 months before you move, and make sure that all of your employees are well aware of both the move and the timeline (you can even delegate some of the necessary tasks).  Planning in advance will also help you plan your budget for expenses like movers and any new equipment.  Here are three things to add to your moving timeline as you plan a move:

#1 Update Your Vendors

This needs to be done 1-3 months before you move.  In order to transition more smoothly into doing business in your new space, you need to make sure that any items that need to be shipped to your space—including new signs or furniture—are there when you arrive, so be sure to contact vendors and give them your new shipping and billing address.

#2 Hire Movers

If you are planning on hiring movers and cleaners to help with the move, be sure to do research on different companies and get this taken care of 1-3 months before moving.

#3 Update Information for Customers

This includes website, business cards, and letterhead, and should be taken care of 1-2 weeks in advance.  Taking care of this in advance ensures that employees can get to work as soon as possible after the move, instead of making these changes after the fact.

Start successfully with a new office space before you even move by taking care of advanced planning and tasks.

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