Tenant Brokers and Commercial Space for Rent in Overland Park

commercial space for rent in Overland ParkIf you are not sure how to go about finding commercial realty in Overland Park, you might consider working with a tenant broker.  Here is some more information about tenant brokers that might help you decide whether you would like to hire one as you look for real estate:

  • Tenant brokers are people who help prospective tenants find suitable commercial real estate by providing tenants with analyses of the real estate market conditions, letting them know about available spaces, and even negotiating leases with landlords.
  • Landlords hire brokers called “leasing agents” to help fill their spaces, but remember that they are working for the interests of the landlord, whereas if you hire a tenant broker they are concerned solely with the best interests of your business.
  • Since a tenant broker’s commission is not directly tied to a specific property, you can usually count on them to give you objective advice.
  • Working with a broker sends a message to a landlord that you are seriously considering multiple properties.  This might make them more competitive and more amenable to negotiating favorable lease terms for you.
  • When you are looking for a tenant broker, get some referrals from business associates or peers and look into the background of the brokers.  Try to find someone who has a good history of helping people find properties, experience negotiating leases, and a solid track record of protecting tenants’ interests.

If you would like to look at some available office spaces in the Overland Park area, give a DDI commercial real estate broker in Overland Park a call at 913-685-4100!


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