The Do’s and Don’ts of Renting Commercial Realty in Kansas City

Renting commercial real estate can have a big impact on a business—for better or worse. A good lease can help your small business grow and flourish in a great location, but a bad one could potentially cost your business a lot of money and can be especially risky for small businesses. Here are a few things to do when renting a space, as well as a few things to avoid, as suggested in the article “Location and Leasing“:


  • Look at multiple properties so be able to compare rent, location, and other variables.
  • Research demographic data for an area to get an idea of your potential customer base.
  • Make a Site Model Criteria for your specific business.
  • Utilize the assistance of a commercial real estate attorney to help with negotiations or purchasing.
  • Talk to the planning and zoning departments of a city to make sure that you are in compliance with all code requirements.
  • Negotiate for a short term lease with renewal options to minimize risks.
  • Put everything in writing
  • Negotiate for no competitors to be allowed to rent in the same building as you.
  • Use the largest signs allowed and make sure they clearly state what your business offers.
  • Include terms in your lease that address the possibility of expanding.


  • Evaluate a location solely on rent.
  • Allow your landlord to determine all of the terms.
  • Be too quick to settle on a location.
  • Depend on verbal agreements during negotiations.
  • Agree to a lease without making sure you have read and understand every single term.
  • Personally guarantee a lease if you can avoid it.
  • Submit to conditions that are bad for your business – move on to looking at another space.
  • Sign a lease without consulting your lawyer.
  • Depend only on your landlord’s leasing agent for advice.
  • Close negotiations without making it clear that the lease is still subject to securing any licenses and permits.

Renting a commercial space requires careful planning, research, and attention to detail during negotiations. Be a smart negotiator and don’t let your business get stuck with a lease that will hurt you financially in the long run!

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