The Pros and Cons of Cubicles in Your Office Space for Lease in Overland Park, KS

The Pros and Cons of Cubicles in Your Office Space for Lease in Overland Park, KS

An important aspect of choosing a commercial office space for rent in Overland Park, KS, involves planning how you will arrange the space for your employees. Depending on your interests and your budget, this layout could include several private or semi-private offices, clusters of cubicles, or open space without any barriers. One of the most classic office space layouts is the cubicle setup—which has gotten a lot of criticism lately, but might still have plenty of advantages to offer. Here are a few pros and cons of the cubicle model to consider as you’re looking for your ideal office space for rent in Overland Park, as outlined in the article “14 Reasons Workers Love (and Hate) About Their Cubicles”:


  • Community Building – A lot of workers really like working in cubicles because it offers an opportunity to meet and interact with their coworkers. Cubicles can be an especially useful way to make a big company feel smaller and more homey; employees have an opportunity to regularly strike up conversations with their neighbors and develop relationships.
  • Motivation to Improve – Working in a cubicle setup can be a good way to draw a sense of drive from coworkers and stay motivated and accountable. There is good energy in a cubicle space, and sometimes seeing other people in the zone at work can help kickstart others’ creativity kicks. Some employees also think it’s a good way to keep them organized since there is no door to hide a mess behind.
  • More Privacy and Personality than an Open Office Plan – Cubicles have the benefit of offering a similar sense of community as in an open office plan, while still allowing employees the opportunity for a little privacy if they need to just sit in front of their computer, put on a pair of headphones and work alone for a few hours. It also gives employees their owns space to decorate and personalize, which tends to  make people more comfortable at work.
  • Brainstorming and Teamwork Opportunities – Having a lot of employees in close proximity to each other also makes cooperation and impromptu brainstorming sessions a lot easier. If someone is stuck on an issue, it’s easy to just pop over to a neighbor and get some help finding a solution.

For a lot of employers and employees, the cubicle layout is a great compromise between private offices and a totally open office plan. A cubicle area can offer the energy and collaborative opportunities of an open office space, while still giving workers the feeling of a little privacy and a sense of their own corner of the office.


  • Strained Coworker Relations – One downside of cubicles is that they can sometimes put a strain on the relationships between employees. Employees often feel that they have no choice regarding who their cubicle neighbors will be, and if neighbors start to annoy each other, the close proximity only exacerbates the situation and ends up becoming a source of distraction during the workday. Workers also point out that although cubicles may all seem to be the same, there are definitely some cubicles that are bigger or better located than others, and competition for these spaces can be another source of troubling office politics.
  • Lack of Privacy – While employees might be somewhat out of sight of each other behind their cubicle walls, many still feel like they lack true privacy in a cubicle layout. People have the sense that their every move is being watched, and their coworkers are noticing and judging when they go to lunch, when they leave for the day, and even how often they go to the bathroom. It’s also difficult to have a phone conversation without everyone hearing the whole thing. Workers worry about office gossip and judgment when their every word is clearly audible.
  • Unwelcome Ambience – Another problem that cubicle dividers don’t keep out is the general spread of noise and smells around the office. Workers complain that they don’t actually want to hear every word of a neighbor’s phone conversations, or smell their tuna sandwich at lunch either.
  • Monotony – One of the most classically lampooned aspects of cubicle life is the general sense of “corporate” monotony that can be induced by sitting in the same setting day after day. It can sometimes be harder for an employer to foster creativity among staff in a very generic and uniform environment.

Some of the downsides to consider of setting up an office space with cubicles are the problems with privacy, general office distractions and the possibility of negative relationships developing between employees.

Having an idea of what kind of office space layout best fits your business’s needs is a necessary part of the office leasing process. If you know that cubicles work best with your business’s culture and budget, it is important to make sure that a potential space can accommodate them. On the other hand, other office spaces might be better suited to having a lot of private offices or creating an open office space with work stations. So before you get too serious about any one space, make sure you have played around with some design possibilities and are happy with the layout options.

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