The Pros and Cons to Subleasing Commercial Realty in Kansas City

executive office rental in Overland ParkThere are a few different pros and cons to subleasing commercial space for lease in Overland Park:


  • Taking over another company’s space can be a great way to get a short term lease at rent rate that is below the market value.  Sometimes you can get a sublease for 10-50% less than the regular lease rate.  The shorter your sublease term, the lower the rate.
  • Sometimes the outgoing tenant might be relocating to a different state or going out of business and might be willing to sell your business their office furniture and equipment at a good price.


  • The downside to signing a shorter sublease is that your company will most likely have to move out at the end of the least term (whether you have outgrown the space or not), or pay the current market price to remain in the space.  If the market price jumps up 30% during your year-long sublease, you might wish you had signed a five-year lease.
  • The subleased space usually comes as is, which means a landlord will not provide tenant improvements like private offices or new carpet.  Your business will have to pay for any necessary improvements, which might not be a cost efficient path if you are only planning on staying in the space for a short time.

Consider these different benefits and downsides of renting a subleased space as you search for your best office rental space in Kansas City option.

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