Three Ways to Decorate Your Kansas City Office Space

Since you spend so much time during the week in your office or cubicle, why not personalize it?  Before you get started, think about the culture of your company.  If you work for a more conservative business, you do not want to go overboard on decorations, but if your company is more creative and modern, you might have more freedom to jazz up your space.  Here are some tips for making your office or cubicle your own:

  1. Brighten up the walls.  If you have plain grey walls, consider covering them with craft paper, colorful fabric, wallpaper, or even Astroturf!  You can attach these coverings using Velcro tape.
  2. Add some green.  A living plant will improve both your mood and the air quality of your office, since plants give off oxygen and soak up pollutants.  Bamboo or some small ivy plant are good low-maintenance plants for an office.  You might also consider bringing in fresh flowers every so often.  If plants aren’t really your thing, you could even put a goldfish in a bowl (but remember to feed it!).
  3. Make a fake window.  Have a photo that inspires you or a piece of art framed with lightweight window molding and hang it in your office for your own personal picture window!

These are just a few ideas to make your personal workspace more enjoyable for you!

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