Tips for an Organized Desk at South Creek Overland Park

If you are looking to increase your office productivity, a few simple suggestions for staying organized might be all you need.  Here are a few tips for keeping your desk neat and orderly:

  1. Get rid of writing instruments you don’t need.  You might only have a few pens you use, but somehow your desk gets cluttered with other random writing utensils.  If you aren’t going to use them, throw them out!
  2. Have a place for the contents of your pockets.  Designate a space for your phone, keys, wallet, etc.  Ideally, find a space where you can run power cords to charge various items, such as a drawer or right under your monitor.
  3. Proximity based on frequency of use.  A simple concept: if you use it more, keep it closer to you.  Often people forget to arrange things this way because they are focused on the look of the desk rather than convenience.
  4. Move electronics out of sight.  Cable modem, wireless router, firewall, etc. should all be kept out of sight to cut down on visual clutter and make your desk a nicer place to work.
  5. Easy access to files.  Easy filing is one of the most important organization tips.  You should be able to grab a folder, label it, and file it without having to get up from your desk or move your chair.
  6. Scanning documents.  Scanning documents into PDFs and keeping them on your computer is a good way to cut down on filing and keep papers off your desk.  This can be especially helpful if you travel a lot and need to transport papers electronically.

If you have the organization down and are just looking for the actual office rental space in Overland Park, give one of our commercial realtors in Overland Park a call at 913-685-4100!


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