Tips for Being Courteous in Your Kansas City Office Space

Sometimes it is easy to become unaware of your surroundings when you are settled into a workplace and working hard, but it is important to stay conscious of how your daily habits are impacting your coworkers.  Here are some things to think about to make sure you are being courteous in the workplace:

  • Be respectful of others’ space.  Even if you are just in cubicles, be sure to knock before walking into a person’s space, or find some other non-disruptive way to make your presence known.  Wait to sit down until you are invited to do so.
  • Keep your space neat.  Your workspace is a reflection of you, so be sure to keep it clean and organized, with a few personal touches.
  • Do not interrupt phone calls.  If someone is on the phone, leave them alone—it could be an important call.  Do not interrupt their conversation or even try to communicate with them using sign language.  Wait until they are finished or come back later.
  • Follow accepted cell phone practices.  Know when it is appropriate to use your cell phone, and try to limit your personal calls.
  • Be courteous with food.  Try to eat as little as possible in your office space.  The noise of preparing food or the smell could be a distraction to surrounding coworkers.

Be aware of the culture of your office and try to be a courteous and pleasant coworker!

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