Tips for Being Professional at Meetings in Your Office Space in Kansas

If you are new to a job, navigating meetings can be an intimidating part of the workday.  It is important to maintain a professional image in all meeting settings, whether you are with colleagues, clients, or supervisors.  Here are some tips for practicing etiquette at meetings:

  • Never be late.  Never arrive late if possible.  If it is unavoidable, try to let someone know so that other people are not waiting for you to arrive.
  • But do not be too early.  It is a good rule of thumb to arrive 5 minutes early to a meeting, and 10 minutes early to an interview.  If you are meeting in someone’s office, never show up more than five minutes early, because they might be working or in another meeting, and your early arrival could make them uncomfortable.
  • Offer explanations.  If a meeting is running late and you have somewhere else to go, be ready to explain where you are going to others present at the meaning.  Think carefully about where you are most needed before deciding to leave.
  • Do not interrupt.  Avoid this bad habit.
  • Avoid confrontation.  Confrontation might be a healthy, normal part of a work environment, but a meeting is rarely the place to do it.  Confrontation in that kind of group setting could anger or embarrass people and reflect poorly on you, so allow people a little space and resolve those issues outside of meetings.

Be a good coworker by being respectful at meetings!

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