Tips for Considerate Communication in Your Office Space in Overland Park, KS

In this age of technology and quick communication, it is important to master the art of communicating efficiently and courteously.  Here are a few tips for practicing communication etiquette:

  • Voice Mail – Make sure your voicemail message is personalized.  People may be confused and not leave messages if you have a standard voicemail greeting that gives only your phone number.
  • Quick Responses – Make sure you return all phone calls and emails within 24 hours, even if your response is simply a note saying you will get back to the person soon.
  • Speakerphone – Always ask someone before you put them on speakerphone.
  • Proofread Emails – All work emails should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Include the Subject – Make sure you always fill in the subject box of an email with a relevant and concise title to ensure easy access to the conversation if you need to find it later.
  • Be Kind – Emails present the temptation to say things we would not normally say out loud, but make sure you never write anything you would not say to a person’s face.
  • Be Aware of Formatting – Doing things like underlining, bolding, italicizing, or making a font bigger can make an email seem more aggressive than you perhaps intended.

Practice good communication skills in your workplace, especially via technology, until they become a habit!

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