Tips for Making Good Impressions in Your Overland Park Office Space

The need to make a good impression does not end with your job interview.  Maintaining good etiquette in the workplace throughout your career can earn you the respect of your colleagues and superiors.  Here are some tips for making positive and professional impressions throughout your workday

  • Body Language.  Practice good posture, eye contact, and turning towards people when they are talking.  Genuinely smile at the people around you.
  • Stay Organized.  Carry a neat briefcase or bag.  The things you carry with you and the way you treat your possessions say something about your character.  Even if you feel like you’re on top of things, messiness can present an unfavorable image.
  • Dress Appropriately.  Follow the office dress code, and going a step above can never hurt either.
  • Handshake.  When you first meet someone, make sure you shake their hand with a firm (but not too firm) palm to palm grip.
  • Stay Awake.  Always be alert; sleepiness looks like laziness.
  • Be Punctual.  Always arrive a bit early.
  • Be Kind!  Common courtesy and kindness always go a long way in making a positive impression!

Be aware of the culture of your office, and be sensitive to both official and unofficial rules of etiquette!

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