Tips: Signing an Office Space Lease in Overland Park

Signing a lease for office space in Kansas City is an important step for your business not only because it determines the physical space in which you will be conducting business, but also because it can affect your business’s ability to grow and evolve.  With that in mind, think about a few tips as you begin the lease negotiation process:

Negotiate a Lease Best Suited to Your Business
Before you even begin negotiating, brainstorm a list of terms that would be beneficial to your business.  For instance, if you are opening a certain type of store in a mall or some other retail setting, you might want to stipulate that no other store like yours can rent space in that area for the duration of your lease.  If you are expecting walk-in business, be sure to negotiate for terms that will let you put up any necessary signage.

Sign the Right Lease for Your Needs
The benefit of a shorter-term lease is the option to leave the location early if you are not pleased with it.  While a longer-term lease offers stability and can keep increases in rent down, a longer lease ties you to a location that might be too small or unprofitable for your business down the road.  Usually there are ways to get out of any kind of lease, but you do not want to go into an agreement thinking about ways to get out.

A savvy lessee could potentially save their business money and create opportunities for business growth and development!

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