Unique Furnishings for Your Office Space in Kansas City

If you want something a little more unique than standard office furniture for your office space, consider some of these crafty pieces, which will add both creativity and functionality to your office:

  1. Erasable Labeled Drawers.  To make drawers with labels that can be easily erased and rewritten, take a drawer or tin and use masking tape to shape the outline of a square.  Paint that square with latex chalkboard paint, let dry, and remove tape.  You can add borders by placing two strips of masking tape parallel to each other on opposite sides of square, painting, then removing tape once the paint dries. Repeat with two other sides.
  2. Bookcase Desk.  If you want something really unique for a desk, try balancing a door on either sawhorses or bookcases for added storage.  Doors make great desktops because they are inexpensive, roomy, and readily available in a variety of sizes.  To tie the look together, paint the door and the bookcases the same color and line the back of the shelves with marbled paper secured with double-sided tape.
  3. Wallpapered Shelves.  You can brighten up floating shelves, great for added storage space, by covering them with patterned or colored wallpaper.  Measure the shelf, and cut the wallpaper slightly longer than shelf and wide enough to wrap around it with an overlap.  Then use wallpaper paste to cover the shelf in wallpaper, one shelf at a time.  Cut slits into extra paper at the end to form flaps, fold down, and paste.  Once the shelf is completely dry, hang as usual.

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