Virtual Food Drive for Harvesters at Southcreek Office Park

Don’t have time to go to the store to contribute to a food drive?  Can’t find a nearby Harvesters collection barrel?  No problem, you can now help Harvesters online by participating in Southcreek Office Park’s virtual food drive for Harvesters!  All of the money donated by this virtual food drive will benefit Harvesters’ Healthy Eating Initiative.  Here are some more details on this fundraiser:

About Harvesters:  Harvesters aims to solve hunger problems in our community through a creative, holistic approach that uses four key initiatives.  All of these initiatives are informed by Harvesters mission of collecting food, distributing food, and educating the community about hunger.

About the Healthy Eating Initiative:  The Harvesters Healthy Eating Initiative has several different components, including adult nutrition education programs, local gardeners planting an extra row of fruits or vegetables for donation, “food rescue” of nutritious foods from local restaurants and cafeterias, and food drives—which is where our fundraiser comes in.  Harvesters needs donors to give nutritious, shelf-stable foods such as canned vegetables and fruits, peanut butter, and other proteins.

Goal: 500 meals ($1 = 5 meals)

Donation Link:

End Date: November 14, 2013

Visit the link to donate a few dollars and help Harvesters provide nutritious meals for those who go without!

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