What is the Difference Between a Triple Net and Full-Service Lease for an Office Space in Kansas?

There are a few different types of leases, but two very common leases are the triple net lease (NNN) and the full-service lease (gross lease).  Here is some information about each type, as outlined in the article “The Difference Between Triple Net and Full-service Leases”:

Triple Net (NNN) Lease

In a triple net lease, the tenant pays for three primary net expenses: insurance, taxes, and maintenance.  Base rental rates for these leases are usually low, but the unpredictable costs of net expenses can be risky.  For instance, repair expenses for the building are divided between all tenants, and these kinds of expenses can be difficult to predict and vary majorly from year to year.

Full-Service (Gross) Lease

In a full-service lease, these basic net expenses are included in the rental rate.  As a result, rent is higher, but tenants can more easily budget because they know exactly what the rent will be each month.

There are pros and cons to each type of lease, and it is hard to say which lease is more cost efficient.  The key is to determine if your business would rather risk unpredicted costs for an overall lower rent, or pay more but have a stable budget.

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