What Kind of Business Space for Rent in Overland Park Should My Business Look For? Part II

If you are looking to move your business into an office rental space in Overland Park, one of the first things you need to determine is what kind of space is best for your business.  There are a few different kinds of business spaces that you can rent, all tailored to different types of businesses and their needs.  Here are some details on two more types of office spaces your business might consider leasing:

#2 Traditional Office
Traditional office space offers self-contained units that typically include things like conference rooms, reception areas, etc.  This offers some privacy for your business and a more robust image than shared space (as in the case of executive suites).  Typically, all of your fees for a traditional office space are included in rent.

#3 Flex Space/Office Warehouse
Some businesses need loading docks or warehouse space, so flex space can be a good option for these businesses.  Flex space, which is also called an office warehouse, has both a warehouse area and office space.  It is typically smaller than a full scale industrial space and often comes without all of the leasing hassles involved in renting industrial space.  These spaces are ideal for smaller businesses and start-ups that need the flexibility of having both a warehouse space and traditional office space.

Make sure that your business is looking into renting the type of space that is most suited to your particular needs and financial situation!

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