What Kind of Kansas City Office Space for Rent Should My Business Look For?

When there are so many different types of office suites out there, it can be difficult to determine which kind of space is best for your business.  There are three different types of typical office spaces: a traditional office, executive suites, and flex space.  Here are some details on each of these types of spaces:

#1 Executive Suites
Executive suites are a group of several tenants, usually from different businesses, who share resources in order to form a fully functional office space.  In this setup, a small business will often rent just one office and share common areas with other small businesses.  These common spaces can include:

  • Restrooms and break rooms
  • Reception area
  • Print/mail or storage rooms

You might see this type of space referred to as business suites, serviced offices, corporate suites, or executive offices.  If you are considering a space like this, make sure you find out about any potential services and fees you will have to deal with on top of rent.  Often this arrangement is the most financially viable option for small businesses.  The major con to this is that you have to share common spaces with other businesses, which could lead to frustrations over the use of common amenities.

Check back to later posts about other potential kinds of office space for your business!

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