7 Ways to Use Office Supplies for Organization in Your Overland Park Office Space

Do you feel like you cannot be productive when your workspace is constantly cluttered?  A little organization might get you back at the top of your game.  Here are a few tips for tidying up your space using materials you already have in your office, as suggested in the articles “Office Hacks: Part I & Part II”:

1.DIY Charging Station. If you have so many devices to plug in that your workspace requires a power strip, consider hiding some of the ugly cords by making a charging station out of a simple box.  Simply cut the bottom off of a nice looking box and cut separate holes in the side of the box for each cable.  Put the power strip inside and feed the cords through the holes—this will prevent cords from getting too tangled and looks a lot nicer than a power strip!

2.Cord Organizer. Another way to keep cords organized is by using large binder clips to clamp the foldback, or extra cord, to the side of your desk, then threading the end of each cable through the handle of the clip to keep them from getting tangled.

3.Keyboard stand.  You can also use large binder clips to prop up your keyboard.  People prefer their keyboards to be at various levels—especially since typing all day can cause wrist problems—so adjust yours to a level that is comfortable for you by clipping the binder clips to the back of the keyboard and using the handles of the clips to prop the keyboard up.  You can slightly adjust the handles or use bigger or smaller clips to set your keyboard at the perfect height for you.

4.Post-it decorations. If you want some cheap, easy decoration for your wall, create shapes out of post-it notes.  Keep it simple with abstract designs or try to recreate a favorite painting.  It is quirky, interesting, and very easy to create and take down.

5.Wall mount for a tablet. Sometimes your tablet might be best served hanging on a wall—for instance if you need to watch something or give a presentation to someone.  Create an affordable wall mount for your iPad or tablet by using 3 or 4 hooks on the wall in the size and shape of your tablet.  Slide the tablet into the hooks to use it temporarily, or leave it up as a clock, weather station, or virtual photo album.

6.Water reminders. Many people drink cup after cup of coffee throughout the day to stay alert and focused, but staying hydrated is even more important and can also help you clear your mind.  Remind yourself to keep drinking water by buying a large water bottle and adding labels to it from top to bottom for each hour of your workday.  This will help you drink certain amounts of water regularly throughout your day.

7.Make your own phone speakers.  If you need a little music to stay focused, try creating these easy phone speakers out of a toilet roll and two plastic cups to amplify the sound a little.  Simply cut a slit into the toilet role to hold your phone, then cut holes into the sides of the plastic cups and connect them to the toilet roll so the cups are lying on their sides.

Get creative with the materials you already have in your office to find ways to keep yourself as organized and efficient as possible!

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8 Small Office Lease in Kansas City Tips Every Businessperson Should Know: Part II

If you are hunting for a commercial space for lease in Kansas City, pause for a moment to consider your business’s needs and do a little research on the ins and outs of renting commercial real estate.  Here are some more tips to help you get started:

3.    Don’t let your enthusiasm for making a good deal hurt your negotiation skills.  It is all too easy to get caught up in negotiations and compromise too much in order to secure the deal.  If you are not getting what you want out of a negotiation, do not consider it a failure, but just a step in the process of finding what your business needs.  Then proceed to the next best option.
4.    Distinguish between the business points and the legal points.  Make sure that both you and the landlord are on the same page about the business points of the transaction before moving on to the legal points.  This will help organize your negotiations and separate the different stages of negotiating.

Knowing what you are doing before negotiating an office space lease in Overland Park will help you avoid mistakes and oversights that could be costly to your business in the future.  Do a little research to prepare yourself for dealing with expert landlords.

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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Discount for Southcreek Office Park Tenants

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites is located at I-69 Highway and 135th Street, only a few minute drive from Southcreek Office Park, Overland Park Soccer Complex, St. Luke’s Hospital, and more.  Easy highway access means that you can get to any part of Kansas City within only 30 minutes, including the Kansas City International Airport and businesses in the area.  Visitors can enjoy Kansas City attractions including Worlds of Fun, the Kansas City Zoo, Arrowhead Stadium, Sporting Park, Kaufman Stadium, and more!  Here is some more information about the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Overland Park:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
7580 W 135th Street
Overland Park, KS 66223

  • large 100% non-smoking rooms with either two Queen beds or one King bed
  • free high speed internet access – both wired and wireless
  • mini-refrigerator, microwave, 32 inch flat panel HDTV, work desk with ergonomic chair, luxury bedding and bath experience
  • hot breakfast buffet everyday
  • heated indoor pool and exercise center
  • 24 hour business center and with places for your business to meet

When you call to book your room, don’t forget to ask for the Southcreek Office Park rate!

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Southcreek Office Park Special at Kasiya Dental

If you or anyone in your family need cosmetic dentistry work done, check out the Southcreek tenant special at Kasiya Dental.  Kasiya Dental offers a variety of services:

  • Certified Invisalign provider
  • State of the art technology
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Teeth whitening
  • Implant restoration
  • Root canals
  • Extractions
  • Preventive dentures
  • Veneers
  • Partial fillings

Kasiya Dental Southcreek Special March 2013

Check out their $99 Whitening for Life Special, or take advantage of their Southcreek Office Park Special:

  • $73 Cleaning (Prophylaxis), x-rays and exam (value of $311) OR
  • 15% discount on all dental work including crowns, fillings, veneers and Invisalign

Some Saturdays, early morning and evening appointments available, or check the website for more hours.

NE Corner of 135th St. and Metcalf Rd.
6916 W. 135th St. Overland Park, KS, 66223

To schedule an appointment, call now at 913-940-3585, or email them at info@KasiyaDental.com.  Most insurance is accepted.  Make your appointment soon because the offer ends April 30, 2013!

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C-JAXN Tax and Accounting Services Discount for Southcreek Office Park Tenants

If you are looking for some reasonably priced tax preparation services, check out the discount C-JAXN Tax and Accounting Services is offering to Southcreek Office Park tenants!   C-JAXN’s mission is to provide affordable income tax preparation re-viewed by a CPA.  Southcreek tenants and their employees can get a 10% discount from C-JAXN’s fixed, published rates, as well as free delivery of the finalized return to your office! C-JAXN Tax and Accounting Services Discount

Here are C-JAXN’s fixed rates (from which tenants can subtract 10%):

Standard Rates:

  • $250 for married couple with W-2 income and itemized deductions
  • $175 for married couple who does not itemize
  • $225 for single individual with W-2 income and itemized deductions
  • $150 for single individual who does not itemize
  • Add $100 to all rates if self-employed and records are in good order
  • $650 for business returns if records are in good order
  • $250 for trust tax returns

To schedule your appointment, call 913-383-9505 or email Melissa@kctaxexperts.com.  You can also stop by their offices at 7415 West 130th Street, Suite 160, Overland Park, KS.

Want to learn more about opportunities like these for Southcreek Office Park tenants?  Give a commercial real estate broker in Kansas City a call at 913-685-4100 to talk about renting affordable office space in Kansas City with us!


Discount for Darren Sproles 5K at Southcreek Office Park

The Darren Sproles 5K taking place right here at Southcreek Office Park is right around the corner! Start your training and register for the race using the Southcreek $5 discount!

Event Information:

Date: Saturday, June 23rd
Day of Registration Time: 7 a.m.
Start Time: Runners 8:30 a.m. / Walkers 8:35 a.m.
Location: The race begins and ends near Southcreek Office Park at 7200 West 132nd Street, Overland Park, KS 66213
Discount: To take advantage of your Southcreek discount, register online at sproles5k.com and enter the promo code 3SKVXFRBUC.

Your registration covers the cost of several great perks, including a free, hand-signed Darren Sproles football card for the first 1,500 who register; an event T-shirt; two free tickets to a Kansas City Command Arena Football Game at Sprint Center for the first 1,500 who register; access to an autograph booth where participating celebrities will be signing autographs for free for an hour following the race; a free SportClips haircut coupon; as well as event entertainment such as music, free food, and even a fun zone for the kids!

The event will benefit the Sproles Empowered Youth foundation, which empowers local Kansas City youth by teaching them life skills that are essential for transitioning into successful adulthood. This is the inaugural walk, so get your discounted ticket and help support this effort to empower youth!

Want to learn more about affordable office space in Kansas City at Southcreek? Give one of our commercial real estate brokers a call at 913-685-4100!