3 Commute Considerations for Finding a New Office Space in Kansas

3 Commute Considerations for Finding a New Office Space in Kansas

If you are looking for a new office, on aspect to consider is how the location will affect the commute for you and your employees. Here are a few things to think about, as suggested in the article “Choosing the Right Office Space”:

#1 Length of the Commute

If you are relocating to a place that is difficult to reach, a long and stressful journey to and from work everyday could take a toll on your employees, causing their mood to plummet before they even get into work. Think about what the fastest routes are to your new office or if public transportation is an option.

#2 Traffic

Another thing to consider is traffic in the area. Even if the commute is a short distance, heavy traffic during rush hour could also affect the length of time it takes your employees to commute to and from work, so be sure to give the route a test drive yourself.

#3 Major Construction

If you know that a major road or a stretch of public transportation is due for a long term closure, this is something to also factor in, as these kinds of upgrades can sometimes take years. Check with local transportation services so you know what to expect.

Considering location and commute is important for attracting and retaining the staff that you want in your office.

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3 Tips for Being a Great Boss in a Kansas City Office Space

Developing a great team of employees requires a good leader at the helm of the business. Here are a few ways you can become the kind of boss challenges your employees to rise to the next level, as discussed in the article “4 Things Great Bosses Do”:

#1 Respect Your Employees Time

Part of empowering your employees to succeed involves giving them the time, space, and tools to do their jobs well. One element of this means running meetings that are efficient and valuable. Employees know when you are wasting their time, so make sure that when you call people away from their work for a meeting, the information is going to be useful and delivered in an effective way.

#2 Solicit and Acknowledge Feedback

Regularly get feedback from your employees about your leadership style and how you can better help them. Take this as an opportunity to listen, not argue, and try to do one thing that demonstrates that you heard and considered the employees’ feedback. Your team will appreciate seeing that you really do care about what they have to say.

#3 Be the Inspiration

“Lead by example” is a great adage to follow. Be the kind of worker you want to see in your office, and your employees will see your hard work and hopefully follow your lead.

A great team of employees starts with a great boss!

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Three Pros of Joining a Co-Working Kansas City Office Space

Collaborative workspaces have become very trendy, especially in entrepreneurial or small business environments. The communal setting can be a great way to boost creativity and motivation, as well as share the cost of a better quality office space. Here are a few reasons to consider renting a space with tenants from other businesses, as suggested in the article “The Reasons For and Against Joining a Co-Working Space”:

#1 Connections

A big benefit of working in a collaborative space is the opportunity to network with other small businesses and entrepreneurs as you’re building your own business. The communal work environment not only puts you near like-minded people, but could also mean access to investors or professionals that might be able to help your business. Who knows what kind of lucky break you could have while chatting with other professionals and entrepreneurs in your shared space.

#2 Affordability

Obviously the cost of an office space is a major concern for any startup business. If you want the amenities of a great office suite, but can’t afford to rent an entire office yourself, co-working might be the best way for you to diffuse the costs of a good office space. Together with other businesses, it will be easier to afford equipment you need, and you might even meet freelancers who can help you with various tasks.

#3 Solidarity

Sometimes being a self-starter can be lonely and it can be hard to motivate yourself each day. So being surrounded by other people, especially like-minded people, can help keep your spirits up and keep you accountable as you strive to make your business successful. These other people can also be great sources of creativity and might be able to help you with problems or roadblocks that you encounter.

Consider these positive aspects of joining a co-working space if you are trying to figure out what kind of office rental space is best for your business. A collaborative environment is not necessarily suited to all business types, but could be a lifesaver for startups in need of a community and a lower-cost office space.

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Shot Term Vs. Long Term Kansas City Office Space Leases

Shot Term Vs. Long Term Kansas City Office Space Leases

It’s a well-known commercial real estate fact that landlords and agents typically want tenants to sign for a longer lease, but from a tenant’s perspective, short term leases are preferable. However, there are a few disadvantages to this conventional wisdom, as suggested in the article “Negotiating the Renewal Option”:

  • A short term lease means that the tenant loses negotiation leverage and often receives fewer concessions.
  • Often landlords are less willing to provide funding for improvements if the tenant only has a short term lease.
  • Tenant with the short term lease could potentially have to deal with higher rental rates in the future if they have to renegotiate for each renewal term.

Unfortunately, favorable renewal terms often depend on the flexibility of the landlord, which can’t always be counted on. A long-term lease might save the business money over time, but must be weighed against the risks of staying in one space for several years. It is important to spend a lot of time on the topic of these terms and renewals when you’re researching commercial rental space and in your actual lease negotiations.

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Standard Lease Terms for Commercial Realty in Kansas City

In addition to basic lease terms that address your rent, the duration of your tenancy, and the amount of space that you are renting, here are a few more terms you can expect to see in a commercial lease as suggested in the article, “The Commercial Lease: What You Should Know“:

  • Gross Lease vs. Net Lease – in a gross lease, your rent will cover maintenance expenses, insurance, and property taxes.  In a net lease you will have to pay for each of these items separately.
  • Sign Specifications – your lease will probably include something about signage—where you can put signs and any other specifications that dictate what kind of signs your business can post.
  • Repairs – if the air conditioner breaks down, who is responsible for it—you or the landlord?  Your lease should address who maintains and repairs the premises.
  • Subleasing – you might find yourself in a position in which you do not need all of your space, in which case you might consider subleasing.  Your lease will most likely include a section on assigning or subleasing a space to someone else, so have this possibility in mind when you first take a look at your lease.

Educate yourself on what your commercial lease will most likely include!

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5 Expenses to Budget for When Relocating to a Kansas City Office Space for Lease

Once you have decided that you need to relocate to a new office rental space, take some time to carefully plan your budget so you know where you stand going into negotiations.  Here are a few office space expenses you might consider, as seen in the article, 5 Expenses to Budget For Before Finalizing Your Office Space Lease:

  •     Proof of Financial Stability.  Landlords typically need to see some sort of proof that you can afford to pay rent.  This might be in the form of profit/loss statements, balance sheets, or 2-3 years of personal tax returns.
  •     Deposit and rent for the first month.  The security deposit, which is equal to one month of rent, and your first month’s rental payment are both usually due on the day you sign your lease.  With this in mind, make sure that you ask potential landlords what will be due on the signing date so you are not surprised by any extra cost.
  •     Insurance.  The landlord might have insurance on the building itself, but you will have to acquire general liability and property insurance.
  •     Technology.  Landlords usually do not pay for things like your phone lines and data cabling, so make sure you get a few quotes on installing these necessities before signing.
  •     Costs for additional services.  This might include the cost of movers, furniture, new business cards, printing and copying services, internet, phone, etc.

There are many expenses to consider and budget for when looking for an office space, but these basics are a good place to start.

If you are at the point where you need someone to help you calculate the square footage your business will need, give a DDI Commercial real estate broker in Kansas City a call at 913-685-4100!


Common Terms in an Office Space Lease in Overland Park: Part III

It is important to be aware of what kind of clauses you will encounter in a commercial lease, as there are many different factors associated with renting a space that your business will need to consider before signing.  Here are a few more examples of clauses you will most likely find in your lease:

5.      Term Clause.  This clause will probably be near the beginning of your lease and gives the length of the lease, along with specific beginning and end dates.  It might be tempting to gloss over this section, but it is important to pay attention to details here.  For instance, the lease might state that the start date is the day you sign the lease, which would mean that from that day on you are responsible for rent and often other obligations, such as carrying insurance.  To avoid this potential issue, you want to make sure your lease includes several dates stating when you can move in, when rent is due, when you are responsible for insurance, etc.

6.      Insurance Clauses.  There are several different types of insurance available to your business, so you will need to evaluate each one as it relates to your landlord’s requirements, the needs of your business, and the property.  An insurance broker can also help with this process, especially when it comes to determining an adequate level of coverage.

Coming in prepared to negotiate will help you achieve the best possible lease for your business!

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9 Tips for Keeping your Kansas City Office Space Organized: Part II

Sometimes too much clutter and disorganization can get in the way of office productivity.  Here are a few tips for getting back on track in your office:

4.      Set up a filing system:  Piling papers on the floors is a recipe for lots items and disorganization.  There are a lot of effective options for organizing your files: alphabetically, by project, by client, etc.  But having that filing cabinet is the key.  Determine what system works best for your thought process and work style so it will be easiest to maintain.

5.      Archive older files:  Files from years ago are not essential to your day-to-day work.  Store these files you do not need in a different location so they do not add to workspace clutter.   If you have a lot of these old files, consider looking into a scanning and storage company to remove the files to an off-site space.

6.      End of the day habits:  It is miserable to start each morning coming into work with a pile of papers on your desk.  When you are wrapping up work each day, leave yourself 15 minutes to put things away and update any to-do lists.  This will enhance your sense of accomplishment for your day and help you begin the next morning with a clean slate.

Staying on top of files and keeping the paper piles to a minimum can help you feel spatially and mentally more organized!

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Southcreek Office Park Discount at Springhill Suites by Marriott

The Springhill Suites by Marriot near Southcreek Office Park is re-opening…and they are offering a special deal to Southcreek tenants!  Springhill Suites is back with a new look, new breakfast, and more.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience their fresh, contemporary suites, with separate areas for sleeping, working, and eating so you will have plenty of space to get comfortable.  Here are some details on the Grand Re-Opening Promotion:

Location: 12000 Blue Valley Parkway, Overland Park, Kansas

Discount Price: $89.00 (plus tax).  Call or go online to make your reservation, and reference “Grand Re-Opening Promotion.”  Call 1-800-Marriott (800)-627-7468 or visit www.marriott.com/mciss and use the corporate promo code LPR.

Features of the Re-Opened Springhill Suites:

  •     All-suite hotel,
  •     king or double queen suites,
  •     sleeper sofa in all suites,
  •     mini refrigerator,
  •     coffee maker,
  •     microwave,
  •     complimentary breakfast buffet,
  •     complimentary Wi-Fi,
  •     37” flat screen TV HD with HBO,
  •     newly expanded workout area and indoor pool with outdoor patio.

Nearby Attractions:

  •     Overland Park Soccer Complex
  •     Overland Park Convention Center
  •     Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens
  •     Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead
  •     Ritz Charles Wedding & Event Venue
  •     Country Club Plaza
  •     Town Center Plaza
  •     Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun
  •     Oak Park Mall featuring Nordstrom’s and The American Girl Store

Availability: offer available through January 31, 2014.  Some blackout dates will apply, and there is limited availability.

Check out the Southcreek Office Park newsletter for more details on this deal!

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Checklist of Questions When Looking For a New Office Space in Overland Park: Part III

Determining tentative space and layout needs is a good start when searching for a new office space, but there are several other factors to consider as you look for the space that will best allow your business to flourish:

5.    How do I allow for growth in my lease agreement?  It can be difficult to accurately determine layout and space requirements for your business’s current needs in addition to factoring in future growth, but this flexibility in a lease is important if you think your business will expand during the term of your lease.  Acquiring a space that is big enough for your business to grow into in the coming years can often be financially wasteful because you are paying for space you might not need.  Ideally, you want to find a lease that has expansion options, so that you can expand your space only at a time when it becomes necessary.
6.    How do I determine who is a good property manager?  Good property managers are not only knowledgeable about their jobs and about the typical needs of tenants, but act on behalf of their tenants.  Good landlords work to build good relations with their tenant community over time.  Some of the fundamental characteristics of good property managers and landlords are that they are attentive, available, knowledgeable, and courteous.

Sometimes it can be hard to judge which space or landlord will be the best fit for your business, but do a little research on what you as a tenant should expect so you know what to look for!

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