How to Design a Multigenerational Office Space in Kansas

How to Design a Multigenerational Office Space in Kansas

In today’s office space, it is common to have multiple generations working side by side—an experience that can be both fruitful and challenging. Because of these generational gaps and differences in preferences, business owners are having to factor this dynamic into their choice and design of an office space. Here are a few things to know about generational office space preferences and how to find or design a space in which all employees can thrive, as described in the article “All Together Now: Designing an Office for Different Generations”:

Changes Through Generations 

Baby Boomers working in the 1980s preferred a more formal and structured office layout, and as a lot of this generation is still in the workforce, it is important to consider their needs. Later decades ushered in a shift towards personal technology, flexibility, and less of a defined hierarchy in a space. Even more recent trends have placing emphasis on the importance of design and how workers interact with a space, with trends leading towards more spatial openness, culminating in the Millennial mentality of offices becoming a hub of collaboration, technology, and flexibility.

Accommodating Several Generations in an Office Space

One of the best ways to accommodate all of these different trends and preferences is to allow people to have space that they can personalize. Younger generations tend to feel the need to brand their space and make it their own, whereas older generations prefer a less personal, more corporate setting.

Office Space Design Trends

One of the practical factors to be considered when trying to create an environment suitable for multiple generations is the physical layout of the office—cubicles or open space with tables? Coffee bars or conference rooms? The things that most businesses are looking for are spaces that can be multi-purpose—meeting rooms that can transform into yoga studios during lunch. Having a space with a lot of options and different purposes can allow for both community and privacy, meeting the needs of various generations and personality types.

If you’re moving into a new office space and your business employees people of different generations, think about how you can design a space that best maximizes the comfort and the potential for collaboration between all employees!

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7 Ways to Bring Summer Fun Into Your Office Space in Kansas

7 Ways to Bring Summer Fun Into Your Office Space in Kansas

It can be hard to be cooped up inside all day during summer, even for working adults who are used to the lack of a summer break. Think about boosting the morale of your employees by making their summer at work a bit more enjoyable. When employees are happier, they tend to be more productive and work better with others—so everybody wins. Here are a few ways to encourage a little summer fun in your office, as suggested in the article “4 Super Summer Fun Tips For Your Business”:

#1 Let people enjoy the fresh air. 

Fresh air makes people feel better and a little more connected to the outdoors, so open a few windows if the weather permits it. You might also improve air quality by adding a few plants, which have been proven to reduce illness and even rid the air of pollutants.

In addition to increasing employee access to fresh air within the office, why not go the extra step and allow employees the opportunity to work outside when the weather is nice? Encourage them to bring laptops and direct them to outdoor areas where they can work productively. A little bit of fresh air will do everyone some good.

#2 Give extended breaks and lunches.

Every now and then, consider allowing your employees the opportunity to spend a little more of their day outside the office to enjoy good weather. They will come back feeling refreshed and recharged—and probably much more likely to overcome the lethargic afternoon doldrums that set in post-lunch.

#3 Throw summer parties.

Contrary to the comic heyday that TV and movies have had with company events, they can actually be really fun for employees and a great way to boost morale. Of course, these need to be carefully planned an executed—otherwise they might end up a little like an episode of The Office. But since people do spend a lot of time at work, they often develop close friendships that are worth nurturing. Company parties are a great way for employees to see both each other and management in a different light. Obviously, summertime events like these are a great way to take advantage of outdoor weather, so consider hosting events like rafting, ballgames, or picnics.

In addition to official company events, employees might enjoy and appreciate the occasional spontaneous gathering during the work day. This does not have to be anything big—just an hour at a park with some frisbees, snacks, and sodas. As long as these events don’t detract too much work time, people might appreciate a short opportunity to relax and enjoy the weather.

#4 Give a little time off.

This seems a bit drastic at first, but it can be beneficial to your business in the long run. Well-rested employees tend to be more creative, happy, and productive. Employees’ moods can affect everyone in the office, so it is beneficial to all to foster a happy atmosphere. Additionally, employees will remember and appreciate this time off for the rest of the year, especially since most people prefer time off in the summer to enjoy the weather or spend time with their kids.

#5 Consult Your Employees

Ask your employees themselves for summer fun suggestions, and then let them vote on what they want to do. This will get more ideas circulating, generate excitement for summer, and allow employees to feel like they have a say in planning things.

Companies like Google and Facebook have demonstrated the benefit of a little fun introduced to an office space. While you don’t need to go out and buy some scooters and ping pong tables, there are plenty of simple ways to introduce a little summer fun into your office and boost everyone’s mood, creativity, and ultimately productivity!

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3 Commute Considerations for Finding a New Office Space in Kansas

3 Commute Considerations for Finding a New Office Space in Kansas

If you are looking for a new office, on aspect to consider is how the location will affect the commute for you and your employees. Here are a few things to think about, as suggested in the article “Choosing the Right Office Space”:

#1 Length of the Commute

If you are relocating to a place that is difficult to reach, a long and stressful journey to and from work everyday could take a toll on your employees, causing their mood to plummet before they even get into work. Think about what the fastest routes are to your new office or if public transportation is an option.

#2 Traffic

Another thing to consider is traffic in the area. Even if the commute is a short distance, heavy traffic during rush hour could also affect the length of time it takes your employees to commute to and from work, so be sure to give the route a test drive yourself.

#3 Major Construction

If you know that a major road or a stretch of public transportation is due for a long term closure, this is something to also factor in, as these kinds of upgrades can sometimes take years. Check with local transportation services so you know what to expect.

Considering location and commute is important for attracting and retaining the staff that you want in your office.

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3 Tips for Being a Great Boss in a Kansas City Office Space

Developing a great team of employees requires a good leader at the helm of the business. Here are a few ways you can become the kind of boss challenges your employees to rise to the next level, as discussed in the article “4 Things Great Bosses Do”:

#1 Respect Your Employees Time

Part of empowering your employees to succeed involves giving them the time, space, and tools to do their jobs well. One element of this means running meetings that are efficient and valuable. Employees know when you are wasting their time, so make sure that when you call people away from their work for a meeting, the information is going to be useful and delivered in an effective way.

#2 Solicit and Acknowledge Feedback

Regularly get feedback from your employees about your leadership style and how you can better help them. Take this as an opportunity to listen, not argue, and try to do one thing that demonstrates that you heard and considered the employees’ feedback. Your team will appreciate seeing that you really do care about what they have to say.

#3 Be the Inspiration

“Lead by example” is a great adage to follow. Be the kind of worker you want to see in your office, and your employees will see your hard work and hopefully follow your lead.

A great team of employees starts with a great boss!

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4 Things to Consider When Hiring Recent Grads at Your Office Space in Kansas

This time of year, plenty of recent college graduates will be on the hunt for jobs. Here are a few things for your small business to consider as you look for potential employees in this group, as suggested in the article “Handling Job-Hungry College Students: 3 Key Factors to Know When Hiring”:

#1 Be Careful of the GPA

Of course big gaps in GPAs can be indicators of candidates’ levels of qualification, but it is important not to over-rely on this measurement. Consider other areas in which the student might have excelled or other qualities that make them fit for this position.

#2 The Importance of the Interview

If possible, try to conduct multiple rounds of interviews with recent graduates. Consider starting with a group, then inviting back a few of these individuals for another round, with each interview becoming increasingly focused on the specifics of the job until you narrow it down to a few great candidates.

#3 Find Your Own References

Know that references from candidates are probably going to be biased, so do a little research and see if you can find some other people that could provide a more unbiased opinion, for example a college professor whose class they attended.

#4 Look for Passion

Remember that though resumes are important, so is the enthusiasm the candidate shows for the position. Be open to individuals who are really passionate about the work you’re doing and how they can contribute.

Try to do the little extra work and research when looking at recent college grads, and hopefully you will be able to discover loyal new employees who will make good contributions to your business.

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14 Elements of a Small Office Lease in Kansas City

Figuring out how to lease an office space for the first time can be a detailed process, but it does not have to be overwhelming. When you approach an office space lease for the first time, here are a few components of the lease you should be prepared to consider, as outlined in the article, “How To Lease Commercial Real Estate”:

  1. Fees. Most properties will list their costs on a square foot basis either by year or month. However, it is important to know that your usable square footage – the space you will actually conduct business in – is different than the full amount of space you will be charged for. This is because you will also have to pay for usage of common space in a property – this combination of usable space and common areas is called rentable square footage.
  2. Types of Leases. Note that there are different types of commercial leases which will determine exactly what you pay for each month and how responsibilities are divided between you and the landlord. It is important to research which type of lease you have in more detail, but some common types of commercial leases include percentage leases, net leases, and gross leases.
  3. Landlord vs. Tenant Responsibilities. This will be partially determined by what type of lease you have, but it is important to make sure you clarify exactly who is responsible for what, including maintenance and repairs of HVAC units or other major appliances.
  4. Lease Term. This is an element of a lease in which landlords and tenants are often at odds. Tenants typically prefer shorter term leases so that they are not stuck in a space, but also with plenty of options to renew or expand in case they do want to stay and maybe add on a nearby space. But on the other hand, landlords prefer longer leases so that they do not have to replace tenants every few years. This means that if you are planning on a long term lease, you might have a little negotiation leverage with a landlord.
  5. Build Outs. If you need to somehow alter or renovate a space, this needs to be clearly negotiated upfront. Determine what changes you are allowed to make and who will finance these changes. Again, if you have a longer lease term, a landlord might be willing to contribute more to the cost of building out a space.
  6. Rent Increases. Landlords typically plan rent increases around the consumer price index. Increases are known as “escalations” and you should be fully aware of what these entail before signing your lease.
  7. Personal Guarantee. This is not a pleasant part of the lease for a tenant, but you will most likely have to sign a personal guarantee to lease the space, which holds you personally responsible for rent if your business is not able to pay. Landlords also like to do background checks on your personal finances to determine whether you will be good for the money. These typically are most important at the beginning of a lease, and you might be able to negotiate to have your personal guarantee expire after part of your lease.
  8. Exit Clause. If you do get in a situation where you need to terminate your lease, you will want to make sure you have determined a plan for this upfront, which means trying to negotiate for smaller termination penalties, for example, only a few more months of rent payments.
  9. Subleasing. It is always a good idea to try to negotiate for the option to sublease your space, which can really help your business if you need to move to another space or if you cannot pay rent.
  10. Assigning the Space. A more extreme option than subleasing is assigning a space to a new tenant altogether in the event that you need to move out. Some landlords do not allow this, but it is good to ask about in negotiations.
  11. Exclusivity Clause. If a big part of your customer base is foot traffic, you might want to try to negotiate for an exclusivity clause, which means that a landlord cannot lease nearby spaces to your competitors.
  12. Co-Tenancy Clause. Some properties have anchor tenants, which bring in a lot of foot traffic and can be a major selling point for smaller tenants to rent nearby spaces. If you know you are going to be dependent one of these anchor tenants to increase your business, try to negotiate for a co-tenancy clause which allows you to break your lease without penalty if the anchor tenant leaves.
  13. Start Date. It is important to make sure that your business is fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of the lease by the start date, which might mean that you need to ask for a start date that is different from when you sign the lease.
  14. Security Deposit. What a landlord asks for this can vary greatly from space to space, so it is important to be ready to negotiate this point.

Consider these factors as you search for an office space!

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Three Things to Remove from Your Desk in Your Office Space in Kansas

If you haven’t cleaned off your desk in a while, it might be a good time to revaluate what you actually need on your desk. Not only does your desk affect your productivity, but it also says a lot about who you are. Here are a few things to consider removing from your desk, as suggested in the article, “What You Should Take Off Your Desk Right Now”:

#1 Useless Objects

Useless objects could cover a wide range of things. Think about old tax documents, thank you cards, knick-knacks, or random office supplies that you don’t use very often. These items are dead weight. If you haven’t used them in over a year or no longer appreciate their sentimental value, and might be a good time to get rid of them. Think about what positively affects your energy versus what just takes up space.

#2 Piles of Work

While it might seem like a good idea to pile up the work you have waiting for you on your desk, this can actually be a bit overwhelming and add to your clutter. Put those items away, and instead just keep the to do list on your desk.

#3 Computer Cords

If cords are still cluttering your desk, consider updating your technology. Going wireless will not only give you more workspace, but it will cut back on visual clutter.

Try to eliminate this clutter and instead keep things on your desk that both make you productive and boost your sense of well-being and energy!

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3 Questions Small Businesses Should Ask About Office Space in Kansas

Once an entrepreneur gets their company up and running and begins to experience success, the next big challenge is finding an office space from which to conduct their work. It is a big commitment for small businesses and there are many important factors to consider, such as the location and whether or not renting an office space will eat up all your profits. Here are three questions to ask yourself when starting the search for your first office space, as outlined in the article “Office Space – The First hurdle for any Entrepreneur”:

#1 Can I afford it?

Obviously one of the most important things to consider when looking at an office space is the cost. Look at traditional office spaces as well as unconventional spaces, such as plug-and-play options, sharing a space, or subleasing. Do not fall into the trap of overestimating the growth your company will experience, which could really cost you in the long run. Be prudent and only rent exactly as much space as you think you’ll need. To avoid getting locked into something, try to negotiate for shorter lease terms, such as a one year lease with an option to extend to three years or rent adjacent space if your business experiences a growth spurt. Don’t forget to factor into your budget the cost of utilities and maintenance. You can never be too careful when making sure that you fully understand all of the charges you will be responsible for and planning for them in your budget– and of course make sure that everything is documented in your lease.

#2 What is the best location?

The location you choose might often be dependent on your budget. It might be in your best interests to rent an older space in the suburbs of the city, rather than a new space or office downtown–but make sure this does not interfere your customers or clients reaching your business. Another factor to consider is convenience for employees. Can they make it to that location? Is it safe and secure? It is important to your employees will be reasonably happy in your new space.

#3 How much space do we need?

When considering how much space your business needs, consult your business plan. Look at your total number of employees or your projected number of employees if you’re anticipating growth and new hires and plan space according to this number. To maximize your use of a small space, consider having mobile workers or flexi seating. Perhaps your employees can cut down on space and equipment by working from their own laptops or working from home some days.

Consider these three questions if you’re thinking about moving into your first office space!

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4 Reasons to Quit Sitting in Your Office Space in Kansas

The health community has been abuzz with the news that sitting poses one of the biggest threats to a person’s health over their lifetime. Sitting not only causes short term problems, such as back soreness, but can also take years off of a person’s life and counteract productivity – and small business owners who are already experiencing the stress of working round the clock to get things off the ground cannot afford threats to health and productivity. Here are a few reasons to start doing a little more standing in your office, as suggested in the article “5 Reasons to Get Off Your Butt at Work”:

#1 Reduce Risk of Disease

You might be thinking to yourself that you hit the gym on a regular basis, so this health concern is unnecessary for you – but that is incorrect. Studies have shown that even people who exercise regularly cannot fight off the damage done by prolonged sitting. Some of the diseases connected to extended sitting over a lifetime include obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, with a correlation between people who experience chronic illnesses and report long periods of sitting during their days.

#2 Back Pain

One of the most immediate and apparent side effects of sitting is back pain, since sitting puts a strain on the natural alignment of the back. There are some tools to aid with this problem, such as quality chairs or special pillows, but even with these it is difficult to maintain good posture.

#3 Increase Productivity

It is a well known fact that brief work breaks can improve a person’s overall productivity by allowing their focus and concentration to reset. Taking occasional breaks – particularly standing ones, can help relieve both the strain of working hard and the toll on your body.

#4 Boost Your Mood

Any kind of exercise is a natural mood enhancer, so combining breaks with a little exercise – a brief walk around the office or even outside during lunch – can really help improve the quality of your workday and your health.

Consider implementing a few changes throughout your workday to ease the physical and mental stress of sitting at a desk for too long. Challenge yourself to work at a high table while standing, or at least give yourself a break to stretch and walk around every hour!

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Tips for Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions in Your Office Space in Overland Park, KS

If you plan to make any resolutions this new year, why stop with just your personal life? Try to make a few resolutions for your work life as well – and stick to them. Consider making it your plan as an office to come up with goals for the new year and hold each other accountable to them—a great way to actually execute those yearly hopes. Here are a few tips for making your New Year’s resolutions last, as suggested in the article “7 Tips to Stick To Your New Years Resolutions”:

#1 Write Your Resolutions

In this digital age it might seem easy to just make a note on your phone or or your laptop – or just to not bother recording resolutions at all, but there’s something satisfying about putting pen to paper when making a resolution.  Writing out a list or a goal and being able to check items off gives an actual sense of accomplishment. Scientifically, the things we physically write down tend to stay with us more. So write your resolutions down and then put them in a place where you will see them on a regular basis.

#2 Find Friends

It is important to tell people about your resolutions. One option is to actually pair up with someone in your office or life in general and help each other stick to your resolutions. Another option with so much access to social media is to blog, Tweet, or post on Facebook about your resolutions (without being overly personal or obnoxious). The idea of sharing a resolution gives you an accountability system. It makes you feel more responsible for keeping your resolution because you feel obligated to those individuals, even if they aren’t really a part of the resolution or actively check in with you about it.

#3 Set Small Goals

Set short-term goals for yourself, such as weekly or monthly benchmarks. Give yourself “due dates” periodically, and consider even buying a calendar that specifically focuses on these mile markers. They don’t need to be excessive or unrealistic goals, but breaking the process into manageable time periods can help keep you accountable and encouraged. Consider also setting aside rewards for yourself as you meet these deadlines. Make sure these rewards don’t to run counter to your goals – such as an ice cream binge when you’re trying to lose weight – but still make you feel good and excited about accomplishing something.

#4 Step by Step

Don’t get overwhelmed by how much there is to do between now and the attainment of your future goal. Take things day by day and just focus on achieving your aims for tomorrow. Keep in mind your overall goal throughout your day, but don’t let yourself to dwell on how big your hopes are. Simply keep working away at the daily details.

#5 Don’t Be Your Own Worst Critic

It is easy to beat yourself up or become discouraged if you start to fall behind on your resolutions. But don’t let yourself get lost in your failures. Instead, try to view them as learning experiences to avoid in the future. Too much focus on the negative will not only hurt your productivity, but will bring you and the people around you down.

Whether your goal is to land more clients than the year before, or simply to keep your workspace more organized take a little time to really set your resolutions and outline a plan for pursuing them. Make this year the year that your resolutions extends beyond just the month of January!

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