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Overland Park, Kansas has enjoyed considerable growth in recent years and has become one of the premier entrepreneurial areas in the region. Of course, growth brings business traffic and business traffic brings … well, people traffic. That old adage about “location, location, location” takes on new vigor in a bustling business environment like ours.

To expand on that point, Southcreek Office Park would like to add “accessibility, accessibility, accessibility.”  Choosing an office rental space in Overland Park at Southcreek already offers you a great location at the geographical center of Overland Park, Kansas. But we also offer you easy access from north, south, east and (now) west. Thanks to the recently constructed 132nd Street bridge over Highway 69, Southcreek makes the western half of Johnson County more convenient than ever.

But physical accessibility isn’t all that matters. When you rent Overland Park office space at Southcreek, management (did we mention that we are the owners?) is always accessible to you. We’re here to help you work through space and technical requirements, leasing questions, physical modifications, décor and preparation, maintenance, security and more. And with 19 buildings at Southcreek, we offer flexibility should your business grow or your office space needs change.

At Southcreek Office Park, if you have an issue that needs to be addressed, you won’t have to wait for an answer. We are here, on the premises.

So explore and enjoy our website, consider your space requirements, get answers to some initial questions and more. Then imagine operating your business in a Kansas City office space in our neighborhood, an easy escape from the bustling world around us.

Vincent and Marshall Dean

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